Welcome back to my blog.. and happy 2021! Here is to wishing it is a great year. I haven’t been blogging much the past year, everything felt so out of wack that I just wasn’t inspired to write about anything. But, today I’m working towards the goal of blogging again and trying to find things that are helpful to you and equally exciting for me.

So, to kick off my first post of 2021 we are going with 5 things I wish I knew about sooner!

This idea started when I opened my bathroom cabinet after taking a shower and realized over the past few years I found so many “ cannot live without “ items. I thought to myself maybe I should share this.. and Voila!


Billie – If you haven’t seen any ads or heard about this brand yet you really should take a peek. Billie is a razor brand, and while that might not seem all that exciting let me tell you it actually is! Most of us have probably over the years bought razors at the grocery store. Target, Walgreens, etc. even when you spend $12-15 on a “ nice razor “ you still end up throwing it away after a few months. What I love about the Billie razors not only are they modern and sleek to match up with anyone’s bathroom aesthetic but, they send you 4 razor blade refills every few months. This means you can keep your actual razor handle forever! I love this concept because it is eco friendly, less plastic waste and it comes delivered to your door.. it can’t get any easier than that.

Ok, let’s talk price. I bet you are wondering how all this works. Well when you sign up for a subscription ( which you can choose between 1, 2, and 3-month delivery) your first order will Include the razor handle itself and an extra blade or two for $9 ( yes only $9 ) even after that, I still only get charged $9 every 3 months and I get just enough razor blades to perfectly match my shaving routine. I’ve been using the Billie razor for almost 1 year now and I absolutely love it!


Public Goods – If you haven’t heard of this brand you are missing out, but luckily I am here to tell you all about it! For anyone who buys things like household cleaner, hand soap, dish soap, period pads, and even shaving cream Public Goods has it all. I did an order a little while back where I got some essential bathroom needs. I was surprised by how much I actually loved all the products. I think the idea behind this brand is to sell “ wholesale “ type products without any bad or unclean ingredients. You can learn all about Public Goods here.

This is another subscription/delivery based company and I have to say it works very well. From toothbrushes to wool dryer balls everything is fairly priced and easy to get delivered. I will definitely be placing another order soon!


Skinfix – I bet you’ve heard me talk about this brand of skincare before. Well, yes and it’s because I absolutely love them! It all started about 2 years ago when I did a release collaboration with them when their skincare line started coming out in the US ( they are Canadian ). I tested a few of their products and was blown away. I don’t usually fall for any hype about skincare products and my skincare routine is fairly basic to none so trying these out was a step in a different direction for me. However, each product they have targets different things from dehydrated skin to redness, etc. it’s gentle on the skin and they only use clean ingredients so I would say this is semi-natural but very effective.

If I had to suggest one of their products I would say the barrier + facial cleanser. This is amazing! And I do mean it. It takes off any kind of makeup I am wearing and leaves a fresh feeling face without that dry tight feeling you would get from most cleansers. Highly recommend trying it out for yourself and seeing how you like them! You can find a limited number of their products on Sephora but they also sell them online here.