July is here and soon it will be August! I found myself thinking about what beauty products I am using and loving this summer. Realizing that I have narrowed down my skincare routine this past year and I am only using products that I absolutely love. This brings me to the point of sharing them with you because if I love them you might too!

I think that your skincare routine is probably going to change a bit throughout the year, especially the products you use in winter vs summer. I have definitely noticed that because I tan, my skin color changes but also I tend to wear less makeup in the summer. Then again I end up washing my face more… sigh.. it is always evolving.

#1 The ultimate facial cleanser for summer

Flowers and all, yes I love this natural one from Botanics organic range. It is perfect for sensitive skin, it is very gentle and not harsh but perfect for morning face washes or mid-afternoon when I just want to get rid of any dirt or oils. I have been using this one nonstop since I worked on a campaign with them back in the spring. I am now a huge fan! So, definitely give it a try, they have a lovely collection of different skincare products, I also love the facial cream.. and it smells like a field of flowers!

#2 Let’s talk about a coverup, yes, a foundation of course.

Dior is rocking the game, Yes if you don’t belive me then try the Forever foundation! I love using a mixture ( not at once ) but depending on what i am doing i will alturnate between a lighter one for example i absoutly love the Real Purity Foundation. But, if am going to an event then Dior has me coverred… leitrally!

#3 Setting Spray? Sunscreen? Yes!

So a brand called Supergoop makes a really great setting spray that is also an SPF30, So I think that might just be the best little summer product out there currently. I like how it is easy to apply and I feel like I am getting at least a little bit of sun protection. I may tan and be always out in the sun but when it comes to my face I try to take care of it.

If any of you have any summer favorites you want to share, let me know! I am always looking to explore more ideas and products : )