Spring is here! at least in the way of an amazing new ( and oh-so-sweet smelling ) body cream by Bastide Aix-en-Provence. Let me share with you one of my most recent findings. Bastide reached out to see if I would like to try one of their products and of course I said yes. I had seen them before and always wondered what they were like, of course, someone like me who is into body products was super excited.


I was surprised to receive a lovely ( and I do mean lovely ) box at my door filled with a beautiful glass jar of what I can only say smells like the most amazing body cream ever. I think I have definitely found my new favorite.

Let’s get the details…
Okay, so of course I love creams, fancy French ones to be exact. I mean who wouldn’t! I love that their brand is very authentic. All their products are made in France, which is sometimes hard to find.. but.. it gets better! Bastide takes pride in making all their products with ” simple, quintessential virtues – plenty of water, plants, light, and balance. None of the nasties. No questionable ingredients.” Yes, you heard that right. They are basically a natural body care brand with beautiful aesthetic and amazing products. Dream come true!


I wanted to share a little bit about the particular cream I got from them. It is called Corps-a-Corps Body Cream. It is made with 96% ingredients of natural origins. I am not exactly sure what the scent is called. I think Sweet Almond. But, wow! it is a beauty. I love the formula, it is not too oily but also not drying in any way. Very rich and very thick.

Hopefully, I will get the chance to work with them again, maybe try one of their perfumes. I bet they are amazing! So, if you are looking for a great gift or just a gift for yourself, I would definitely choose Bastide. <Shop the collection >