Makeup guru over here for a min and lets’ talk about the newest BECCA skin shimmer! Now I may not be the biggest beauty blogger as most of my posts are on travel but since I am a lifestyle blogger I love talking about new products.

I had not heard about BECCA although I did some googling and saw that it was a fairly popular brand. I Have worked with other beauty brands when the launch a new project or just want to spread the word about them. So, I was excited to be working this time with BECCA on their Glow highlighter for summer!

At first look, the packaging is so pretty and classy which I definitely approve of! I like the look of the brand and how they are aiming to the women of every skin tone, which is very important.

All in all, they have about 10 different simmer shade of the #BECCAglow highlighter. I got the Champaign Pop color and I have to say it is beautiful!

Smooth color and easy application with the BECCA brush it is an amazing highlighter for the summer months with that extra shine!

I look forward to using it over the months and see how I incorporate it into my everyday beauty routine and for events.