As I sit here writing this I am realizing it is almost and basically is Mid-November…. what the heck happened!? Time flew by wayyyy to fast and now it is almost winter. Autumn feels like it has come and gone like the snap of a finger. I wanted to at least share some of my favorite products that I have been using throughout this season.


So let’s start off with the first thing I use in the morning, soap. Since a lot of people wash their face I figured this would be a good product to talk about. Now, I don’t use it every day but most days yes. Alba Botanica has been a favorite brand of mine for a while, at least 5-7 years so far. It is no surprise that their facial cleanser would be a big hit in my bathroom too!

I love how this formula is gentle but also it works really well at getting the dirt washed off and give you a nice canvas to start your day off fresh. I found this at whole foods, but I think it is available in most places including Target and Amazon. Buy Here >>> 


Next off is cream, because we all hate that cracking feeling after our face has dried off. To counteract that I use a bunch of different facial creams but one I have been enjoying most recently is the Caudalie Nourishing body lotion. I know, it may not be meant for my face but I have had no issues with it so far, the smell is amazing and I think it is the perfect smooth formula that moisturizes perfectly. This one is not as widely popular in stores, but you can find it Here >>>


If the face is primed and ready to go then let’s get down to business. I love flawless skin, but I don’t always like to wear foundation, especially if I am not going out too much during the day. I found this amazing little product at Anthropologie a little while ago and have been using it non stop! It is a tinted moisturizer with SPF in it. The glow and slight shimmer makes your skin look oh so natural and beautifully sun-kissed. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a softer option of a foundation for everyday use.

So, if you have seen any of my pictures you will probably have seen this lip product being used in almost every photo! why is that? well because I totally fell in love with it! Beauty Bakerie makes a wonderful matte lip whip lipstick, it stays on 24 hours at least, looks bold and amazing. I worked with them a while back promoting this lipstick, never thinking I would love this product as much as I do now. All my friends jumped on the wagon too! They also have a wonderful deep red color, so check that out too. Currently, I have only been able to find these from the shop online, hoping it will be in some stores soon. You can find it Here >>> 


So after a long day of makeup and dirt on my face, I need something soft and gentle to take it all off. I found that the Burt’s bees makeup removing wipes were perfect for me. They have a few different scents and the grapefruit was definitely a nice one. I am glad that there is a semi-natural makeup remover on the market that actually gets off all the eyeliner etc at the end of the day. These can be found in whole foods or Here >>>

Well with winter coming up fast I am sure I will be back doing another one of these blog posts sooner then I realize. In the meantime they fabulous!