Believe it or not, February has already started… Yikes?! I mean don’t get me wrong I am happy spring is coming soon ( oh so happy about that ) No more thick coats and warm clothes.. yay! but also, that means this year is already starting to go by sooo fast again. Before you know it we will be wearing swimwear and relaxing READ MORE >


Whether you are going out for valentine’s day with a date or just hanging out and partying with the girls there is never a reason to not have some fun in a beautiful dress. I recently collaborated with PrettyLittleThing. Which, if you don’t know is a clothing company based out of the UK ( although… READ MORE >


It’s here guys! summer is definitely here! We can probably tell by the golden California grass or just by the hot days. I got to thinking about outfits, and although I may not have these in my closet I keep running into so many fun and yet still classy summer styles that I wanted… READ MORE >


One can never know the weather in London, sunny one minute but could be training the next. Or as we found out each tube ( subway ) stop has slightly different weather! I enjoyed my time wandering around London with two of my good friends, although we only had 2 days it was still totally… READ MORE >

The Cabin Life

Sometimes when I want a challenge I go to second-hand stores and see what little gems I can find by ways of new outfits. There is something very rewarding about finding unique brand name clothing pieces for your closet. I like to be as green and eco as possible, in our modern world it can … Read More

The Cabin Life

Being stylish in winter? It is possible! Here are some of my favorite must-have items that are very versatile and simple but of course super stylish. First off I love scarves, as I am sure many of you have seen in all my fashion posts, Instagram pictures and all. I almost never wear a scarf … Read More

The Cabin Life

Ah Autumn, and with that out comes all the warm and cozy sweaters, cute boots and plaid scarves! I love finding inspiration on Pinterest for all the autumn fashion feels, but I mean who doesn’t! Fall is the time to be sipping apple cider and chilling out on the porch! That said, it is also … Read More