Coffee, Coffee, Coffee! Even though I wish I was a big coffee lover, I still love the smell and coffee shops. Since I usually drink tea I feel I might miss out on some of the wonderful flavors but, cafes have something for everyone which I why I am sharing my personal list of favorite spots in the Bay Area that has a bit of something for everyone!

If you live in SF there are endless places so I will start with 3 of my favorites.

Nourish Cafe; I love this place, not only for their drinks but also their food, light salads and acai bowls are just to die for! An all vegan and plant-based cafe they don’t have too much space but the charming little cafe is cute and welcoming. I have been there a few times and defiantly want to go back, it can be a little pricey but it is really amazing and super healthy food so that makes it totally worth it to me!

They have 2 locations in SF one on 6th ave and one on Hyde St. Take a peek at their Menu


Looking for a quick stop on your way to work or while downtown? Mazarine Coffee has some wonderful options for everyone, from good food to great drinks. It is located right off of Market Street and has some amazing avocado toast ya’ll.

I have been there a few times, whenever I need a quick pick me up or I am waiting for a friend I’ll stop at this little spot. I love how they have a lot of menu options, breakfast to dinner and everything in between. Located on Market street is it easy to find.. and hard to miss!

But what about across the bay? well, I’ve got you covered too! catching up with friends and needing a fun spot to hang out around the fun parts of town? Let’s hit it up at Baker & Commons. I really love this place, it is welcoming and cozy but also just like a European cafe, marble tables and great food makes this one of my top picks in the Berkeley area. I have been in love with their grilled cheese… my gosh.. so good! they have some wonderful teas too, not to mention a fabulous cappuccino!

It is located in the Elmwood district of Berkeley off of College Ave so it is easy to find and nestled by some lovely shops.

Going past the tunnel? Try Coffee Shop, and yes that is the name! It is a great little spot located in Lafayette, but they also have one in Downtown Walnut Creek and Danville as well. Hipster plants, stylish chairs and even beer on tap has got this place hopping with great vibes and sometimes even some live music! It is definitely a fun place to pass the time and chill out with friends.

Both locations have some outdoor seating too. They offer food on their menu as well, but the drinks and social vibes are what drag me in the door!

But, what if you find yourself way out near Brentwood? We also got you covered!

Big House Beans is a newly founded coffee shop, I may be convinced and think it is cool because one of my friends works there but in reality, it is a really great spot! Matcha Lattes and all things yummy! They have some food on their menu as well, I think their coffee and drinks are definitely something to try, it just might surprise you in the best way! They also sometimes have a stand at the Brentwood farmers market.