The mornings are for getting started and preparing for the day ahead. Of course, we want to be healthy but also most of us don’t have enough time to spend making and preparing a wonderful breakfast. Well, I have found a simple solution to that and I want to share my healthy vegan breakfast in my gorgeous new Vagabond House / Arthur Court bowl!

First off I want to say a big thanks to being able to work with this lovely brand in promoting the blueberry bowl and jam spoon. It is just darling and makes breakfast just that more special each day. I love the glass bowl with the detailed and wonderfully crafted silver bottom part, the spoon goes to match with the little blueberry design. Overall this is an oh so cute moment!


If you are in the market for cookware or just cute kitchen findings for around the house then definitely check out this brand. They are local from California and family owned.

So on to my recipe! If you have little to no time in the morning then you will love this simple and healthy oat bowl recipe. This is both gluten free and vegan so it is a win/win for everyone!


Here is what you will need:
1 cup of oats
1.5 – 2 cups milk ( soy, almond ) or just water
1 Tbs chia seeds
1 pear ( or apple, or berries )
1 tbs chocolate pieces or coconut pieces

Cook the oats in milk ( or water ) for about 5-10 mins on medium heat and remember to stir them occasionally to keep from burning. Next, you want to grab a bowl, in this case, the lovely Vagabond House bowl and spoon and add your cooked oats. At this point, I add the chia seeds on top to give some more healthy goodness to it, then I can add fresh fruit and spice it up with whatever, chocolate or coconut. I love being creative and finding new ways to make oats more exciting and also more healthy.

So, if quick and simple is what you are looking for with style of course then try this recipe and see what else Vagabond offers for your table!