With summer on the way, what is a better way to say hello to sunshine than with the My/Mo Mochi ice cream snacks! colorful and fun they are ready to bring those happy vibes to your work day!

I love mochi, like maybe a bit too much! I’ve been a fan ever since I was little. So, for me, they represent the good times and I am excited to be working with My/Mo Mochi ice cream to promote the fun!

Mochi’s are the perfect snack for hanging out with friends or just on your way out the door. I love how colorful they are. If you are are thinking of planning a party then you should really give these little guys a chance. My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream has so many flavors, the ones I featured on my Instagram were Green Tea and Sweet Mango. Does it get any better?!

They look super stylish on the table for a summer themed party, so be creative and explore all the fun and exciting ways to incorporate them into your day.

If anyone has not had mochi then now is the time to try it! They are an ice cream wrapped in a sticky rice shell and topped with a sprinkle of flour. Aka they are amazing! let’s just say that.

You can visit My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream’s Instagram page for all the fun summer vibes and learn more about all their wonderful mochi flavors!