Well first off, I am not insta famous nor do I have 1 million followers but, in the past year and a half I have grown my Instagram up to around 5.3K followers. This puts me fairly over the wall and into the world of being an ” Instrgam Influencer ” and I have learned a lot on this path so far. So, I want to share some of the most important things.


Start off with an idea, because everything will stem out of this one idea, and that is probably where you will be most creative and what you will be genuinely passionate about. So pick a theme, a niche as they call it and discover what you like to share. I started off being completely undecided with what I liked to post and write about, so I went with lifestyle. Now, today I would say I am leaning more in the travel/style direction and I love it! It is what I naturally ended up enjoying and that is how it should be. In other words, your niche will end up finding you.

I think that a lot of people just starting out may get overwhelmed with all the new algorithms and analytics for your Instagram, that is it hard to know where to start and what is most important. Even if you have an Instagram account and have been posting for a while but just now really wanting to see what you can do with it then these tips will work too. They did for me.


1) Quality pictures are key, I’m not saying you need a fancy high-end camera, but it is how you take your pictures that count, even if you are using your phone, pick a good angle, good lighting, try and keep it crisp and clean and clear. Figure out if you use filters what kind, what are your colors? warmer tones.. cooler tones.. you really get to explore this one for yourself.

I have always noticed, that a nice photo that I take time and put effort into editing will always do better, get more likes and overall have people genuinely loving it way more than a slightly ugly, not well-composed shot.


2) Hashtags, people will always say ” oh just hashtag it ” and to a certain point yes! but there is such thing as overdoing it. There are 2 tips for this because hashtagging is probably your best way of getting noticed by other people who are interested in the same things and are wanting to find and explore cool new stuff. So, definitely hashtag your pictures but… do it this way..

Always stick to the best tags that explain your photo, for example, if I posted a picture about roses I would say ” #Flowersofinstagram, #Roses, #Beautiful” but I would definitely not post ” #Instagood, #followme #likes4likes “. A lot about the people you will draw comes from the types of hashtags you use. So you can look some up online, or use a hashtag generator for a specific subject.

My second tip for this is don’t post upwards of 20 hashtags in your caption… that’s a big no-no, and honestly, it is not very pretty. Instead what I learned was after you post your picture, comment the first comment and put your hashtags in one big chunk. This has the same effect, your image will be connected by those tags but as more people comment it is not as noticeable which is a very nice thing.


3) Your caption, yes, it matters. It only matters because this is what people see, maybe they read it.. maybe they don’t.. but try and get creative. Post something funny and original, give a short statement about your day or what is going on in the photo itself. You can also ask a question, this helps to get people talking about a subject or referring to the photo.

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4) Comments… Please do comment! People going to be commenting on your pictures and content, which let me just mention it is very nice to reply to them. Saying something simple and sweet just like ” Hi @blankusername Thanks so much for the lovely comment! ” It really does go a long way in making your followers feel like you appreciate their interaction on your page.


5) Followers. Okay, this is the biggest one yet. Because the whole world of social media has become so based off of how many followers you have it is kind of hard to escape this one. There is a lot to be said about growing your follower base, there is still a lot that I am learning. But, something I have learned is that you need to interact with people if you want them to return the favor. This means liking, commenting, following people you find interesting. And I really do mean people you actually find interesting! there are a lot of amazing nice and really cool creative bloggers out there who are sharing amazing stuff and most likely are going to be interested in what you are sharing too. So support them with the hopes they will support you too!

A simple trick to that is, follow unique small accounts under 3k followers, people who are just getting started. If you follow someone with say 56k followers, chances are they won’t even notice that you are interacting with their stuff, purely because they have so many people doing that at once.

I know a lot of people get stuck with the mindset of ” oh but I need 1k more followers ” But, you know what.. if you are growing your Instagram there is no shame in that. Some brands love working with small upcoming Instagramers because they have such a cool and unique engagement with their followers. It is more about building a community that genuinely loves the things you post rather than just having a number.

I still have so many more tips for this so maybe I will do a part #2 sometime in the future… or maybe a youtube video.. what do you guys think?