Do you ever find yourself just wondering through the thousands of pictures on Instagram or Pinterest? I know I do! and I really about it too, yes it can be sad and depressing sometimes to think ” why am I not at that beautiful place” but… I also find that sometimes it can really motivate me in a creative way.

As a result of that, I stumbled upon some amazing colorful pictures of doors and thought.. these are too good to not share with everyone! So folks, here it is… let the daydreaming begin!

giuseppe-mondi-657038-unsplashannie-spratt-637568-unsplashkaboompics_Colorful wooden door in the facade of a typical Portuguese house at Lisbon, Portugal

I love how these doors are very old, but still, they retain all their beauty!


Talk about that old green door… oh my! so elegant. I also love how simple the light color of the blue door is, very soft but still full of color.


Well guys, if you are drooling over these beautiful places then, welcome to the club! I am always inspired by colorful places, and house. This reminds me that a unique paint color can really make any door magical.