If I have not already said it a million times before, I love spring! Yes, it’s true. There are many reasons I love this season, and I will be sad to see it pass us by, looking for it again next year but that is a while away.

As a California girl, we are used to the sun… all year long! Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration but, a good 9 months out of the year it is always sunny and mostly hot. I love the summer months too, but I think spring holds a special place in my heart and here is why.

It’s a lovely break from the winter. So how many of us sit around all winter long, hoping for some flowers, some gentle sunshine, some warmer days, Yes you get it. I end up doing the same, of course, our winters are only 3 months long and never very cold, it is still nice to see the change in season. I think spring brings hope that things will get happier, and as a blogger, I love all the pretty little blooms.

Roses, Daffodils, And all the other bright and colorful blooms really can lift the spirits. I love how all of the sudden bushes will become be so vibrant with amazing flowers. That also makes it the most perfect season for photoshoots! Oh my if spring could last forever I am pretty sure every blogger would just be in total heaven.

In London, they really embrace their spring flowers, by way of decorating shops and houses. I really think that is a beautiful idea and wish that California would adopt that one. Although we do have some amazing wildflowers in the valleys of the mountains and of course the California poppy!

Outdoor events and parties, oh man, if there is a perfect season for having an outdoor gathering it has to be spring, because let’s face it, even a cloudy day filled with warm weather and the promise of beautiful green grass is the perfect setting for a wedding or any other event. I love exploring a new place in the springtime too, most cities and towns are less busy but still very active and full of fun things to do.

So here is a fabulous collection of all the reasons I love spring wrapped up into a colorful group of pictures. Enjoy my friends and feast your eyes on a beautiful season!