Many people might wonder how people edit their photos on Instagram, I have seen a lot of incredible pictures and feeds that make me wonder how they do it! Well, I am going to talk a bit about the apps and programs I have used over the past 3 years to edit my pictures on my Instagram.

First off I want to state that all these options are free ( except for Lightroom ) which makes it all the more accessible for anyone to have amazing looking pictures!

VSCO: This is probably one of the most well-known apps for editing pictures on your phone, I do wish they had a desktop version because i think that would make it even better but if you are looking for a high powered mobile editing app then this is perfect for you. I think VSCO has two options ( Paid vs Unpaid ) each will give you access to different filters but the overall settings and editing software is the same. I used VSCO for a good 2 – 3 years and really loved it. During that time they released their yearly subscription plan which allows you to have access to al the filter packs ( instead of buying each one separately ) for a yearly fee of about $20. If you are really into photography that is a really good deal!

SnapSeed: I bet almost none of you guys have heard of Snapseed but it is AMAZING! and I totally mean it! Snapseed is made by Google I believe and they have an app ( i still use it occasionally ) for mobile image editing. It is basically like a free version of Lightroom but with some different features. The amount you can edit an image with it is great. I have been using it for at least 5 years now, sometimes when I need to selectively add a highlight or more color to a tiny part of the photo ( like a flower ) it gives me a tool to do just that! The only small downside is that the filters are limited within the app and you can’t buy more. But, that said it is a great app for correcting the base photo before you would apply a filter or preset.

Lightroom: Currently my all time favorite is Lightroom, not because it does so many fancy incredible things but, for the type of pictures I post on Instagram, and my blog it gives me all the tools to make my shots perfect. You can create presets and download free presets so that gives you a lot of freedom to really create your own style with your filters. Lightroom, however, is not free ( there might be a mobile version that is free but it would not have all the features as regular lightroom ) It seems like it is a hassle to pay $19 a month for CC ( Creative Cloud ) but you have access to all the other programs as well, Photoshop, Premiere Pro etc.
I would not suggest it if I didn’t think it was a total game changer, you just have more creative freedom to really make things your own which I think is really exciting.

A Color Story: This one I have not used that much, but I know it is very popular. There are sometimes when you have a photo that just is not working in other editing apps. That is when other 3rd choice apps come in handy. I like the color effect on this app, it gives you the same basic editing software that most of the high-end app gives you as well but, I think yet again you have to pay for more filters/presets.

Instagram: Ah, good old Instagram. You know if your photo just needs some quick edits the in house editing system for Instagram can be very good actually. It offers you the basic options plus some advanced ones, brightness, highlights, color tint, and sharpening. All of those can be very handy and the best part is it is in the app itself so you spend less time editing your photos.

Let me know how you guys edit your photos, I am cerious to know if there are any hidden gems when it comes to photography apps!