Although I don’t usually write about social media. I think most bloggers ( including me ) don’t share the ins and out of what they have learned while trying to build their mini-empire on Instagram. Well, why not. I have learned a lot over the years and I have also have witnessed this platform change many times. It is getting harder and harder for influencers and content creators to keep on top of all these changes. Most of us feel like it’s swirling around us daily.

The aim of this blog post hopefully is to share my thoughts on where Instagram is going in 2020 and some of the changes I see being made. I want to open up the conversation to other influencers and bloggers to talk and share your thoughts, opinions, and tips on how to navigate this platform.

Bloggers adapt. We always have and probably always will. Our current issue is we don’t know how to adapt to all these major changes with social media. Twitter is dead, Facebook is personal, and Instagram is changing everything ( It feels like ) this year including likes. I don’t think most of us have a simple answer and a lot of how we learn about the platform is the fact that it is always changing. We yet again adapt to it and somehow find new ways to thrive.

2020 is starting off with a whole slew of changes for those of us who technically run small businesses on Instagram. We may not make money from it, although most of us have a few or many paid collaborations with brands every year. Maybe we run a few sponsored posts or ads. Are we trying to drive traffic to our blogs and other sites, yes, probably! Some are able to able to make a whole living off of Instagram and that just amazes me!

I think the biggest change yet (which still we don’t know when it will go into effect ) is the news of taking away likes. Instagram has been a like based platform since the beginning. More people like photos then they do engage with it and or comment on it. A lot of us wonder if this will help or hurt our current way of influencing. Will we still be able to give brands the analytics they want? Are we running on likes like we do fuel? Or will this make our followers way more encouraged to actually engage on some of our posts? None of us really know.

Moving into 2020 the influencer marking platform is still growing. By most, it’s still considered the best source of advertising for brands and with the highest chance for real engagement into sales factor.

This brings me to the next question. If Instagram is changing its model, will the brands be changing theirs too? I also wonder about the use of apps. I think most of us have already heard about the API changes and how they are cracking down on any third-party apps. This is new, and this is hard for some people. Whatever your reason for using these apps it’s going to make an impact if you can’t use them anymore. It will definitely bring a new standard and separate those who have been using features to enhance their follow base and other things. So, in the long run, it is good. But, currently, it is weird and confusing to most of us.

The algorithm. Well, folks, here’s the one we always battle with. Let me explain why I call it a battle… Bloggers regardless of their size and following want engagement. They want people to see their creative works, their photos, collabs, etc. This is not something new, and not something that anyone should be ashamed of. It is how Instagram has worked all these years and the purpose for existing. I think why we call it the battle is because not many of us understand how it works.

There is no basic FAQ in the app for how their algorithm shares your photos or directs your followers to which posts, etc. BUT it is always changing. The thing we are always struggling to keep up with is the fact that once we think we have figured it out, it changes again. That is not just us being paranoid. No, Instagram is open about how often and when they change their algorithm. In fact, you can search on youtube or google “2020 Instagram changes” and there are tons of amazing people who have taken the time to get to the bottom of how often and when the next change will be. But, we still don’t fully know how it works and I think that makes it hard for influencers to build their network.

I love Instagram, I always have thought it’s a great app for being creative, showing off your daily outfits or your homemade cakes. It was built to be a creators platform and still is. This post is not to cast any shade on the platform. These are just my thoughts on how it is changing and in the hopes of bringing up a conversation with other bloggers and influencers on what we can expect in 2020.