Need 3 last minute ideas for mothers day? Well up until a few days ago I totally forgot it was on Sunday! Yikes is right. So while scrambling my brain for ideas I got to thinking how many other people are in the same boat..? probably a lot ( or at least I like to think so ) That lead me to come up with 3 simple and meaningful ideas for a mother’s day gift.

kaboompics_Close up fashion details - stylish young woman

#1 I think that mom’s love feeling beautiful and that their style matters, not only that but sometimes they are too busy in life and need to have some dedicated ” me time “. A great gift I think is that of a spa day or a mani-pedi afternoon out. It says ” hey let’s make you feel beautiful today ” The best thing about this is it is easy to do last minute, and depending on your finances it could be a luxurious weekend away at a fancy spa retreat or just a simple message and facial. The options are endless for this type of mother’s day gift.

kaboompics_Books and purple flowers on a wooden stool by the bed

#2 Books! Yes, and now I am aware not all mom’s love reading or even have the time for it but if they do then bingo! I think a book is a perfect gift for anyone really, there are so many kinds that you will definitely find the perfect one. I like giving cookbooks because they are super useful in everyday life for most people. But nothing beats a good novel too. Hint: bookstores usually are a convenient place to get other last-minute gifts that are cute and perfect for mother’s day.

kaboompics_A field of Red Poppies-2

#3 Beautifully simple, well if nither of those options floats your boat or you are in the super last minute morning situation then get in the car and go for a lovely nature’s walk in a national or state park. It is a wonderful and uplifting feeling to be out relaxing in nature for the day. You never know what kinds of things you might stumble upon, like a meadow of flowers. Talk about a great mother’s day!

I hope some of this ideas helped anyone who was trying to find last minute things to do/get for Sunday!