Well, yes. Here I am again, in 2020. It is the start of another year, another amazing year I hope. I wanted to quickly jump on here to say that I am excited for what the new year holds. I think 2020 is a big jump into the future for us, maybe the flying spaceships will be around soon ha ha.

It is weird to think that although we don’t see this as the future, it really is. To some people like myself that may make us both a little excited and also nervous. A new year has started and most of us are still trying to eat the leftovers from Christmas, let alone catch up on all our plans and goals for this year. So, this year I am wanting to do something different. Be in the moment. Enjoy it all, and don’t worry about any expectations society puts on you to make goals. Your first goal could just be to enjoy the moment. I think there is a lot of time for opportunities in 2020, but not a lot of time to eat those leftovers… So here’s to 2020! Let’s enjoy every little moment of it.