I was driving down the road a few days ago and had to stop to admire this beautiful spot full of all the spring blooms! One thing I really love about the April / may months is all tiny flowers that pop up here and there. California is a fairly abundant state when it comes to flowers but most of them die off in the summer months, so you really only have a small window to catch all the beauty.

This was just a neighbors house, not actually wildflowers or anything. But, still, I thought I should get my camera out and take some snaps of all the lovely wisteria and white roses.

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change.” – Buddha

“Flowers don’t worry about how they’re going to bloom. They just open up and turn toward the light and that makes them beautiful.” – Jim Carrey

I want to get out in the countryside more to find little patches of beauty like this one. Hopefully, this is not the last for the spring season, I am looking forward to scouting out some magical instrgam worthy places!