Some of you may be wondering about the whole equestrian side of my life. I don’t post much about it, maybe because I am too busy riding and being with the horses. I love that I do something that takes all my focus, not a lot of things do that anymore. Some people may see it as relaxing, some see it as a sport. I see it as both.

I’ve been riding for coming up on 14 years in December… ( I actually had not calculated that until just now.. ) and wow! It is crazy to think I have spent more than half my life riding and being with horses. I guess it truly is a part of me now.

there are so many parts of this sport I love, many of them are small things but still to me they matter. I teach now, I competed before and still will continue to do both in the coming years. I have learned so much and want to share a little sneak peek into my world of horses on my blog. This is an intro post to get to know me. I hope to share more equestrian style and maybe some videos in the upcoming months.

How long have you been riding? Coming up on 14 years. I started when I was 9 and was totally hooked!

What is your favorite type of riding? It depends on the day… I love both dressage and jumping… I think dressage is always going to be my favorite but jumping is a bit more exciting.

Do you like competing? Yes! Of course, it depends on what competition and the horse you are riding, sometimes it can be stressful but that is all part of the sport.

What has been your favorite competition achievement so far? There have been many, and each for different reasons! I think my top two are winning the silver medal at the 2014 USPC nationals in Kentucky. But, also my first championship musical freestyle we placed 7th out of a ton of horses and riders, I felt so proud of that!

Horses or ponies? Hmmm.. both! Ponies are always fun to ride but horses are so beautiful.

Favorite style brand? I have so many it is hard… currently Dublin is my favorite but Horseware Ireland is a close behind.

Goals for the next 5 years? More riding, more competing and lots of teaching. I definitely need to ride on the beach one of these days.