What’s In My Beach Bag?

I went to Prince Edward Island, Yes red sands and all. I will be writing a full post and probably be posting a travel video later this month about all that. But, I wanted to just write a quick post around this lovely little flatly I took while at the beach.

It got me thinking about what I actually take to the beach, what do I bring? and is it worth it? Well, let’s find out!

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If you have sandy beaches then a towel or blanket is a much have, We stopped at a local store and found some simple black and white towel for us to use, I was worried the red sand might stain my light blue beach blanket ( which in fact it never did.. but better safe then sorry ). Usually, i forget to bring something to sit on and I find myself getting all sandy and dirty, so peeps don’t forget a blanket! it is a must-have!

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Hats people, Yes we may look stupid.. and I know the beach is for tanning but, even if you are like me ( who rarely burns and somehow is always pretty tan for a start ) I still don’t like to get my face burnt or super tan. I picked up this cute little designer hat for about $14 Canadian ( around $12 USD ) and it did wonders! I also think it completed my outfit for the day, which I was not intending but just wanting something to be practical for once.

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Have keys, a phone, maybe even a camera? I did and I found it so easy to take a little bag/purse with me ( actually it even fit my big Nikon in it! )
There is kind of a funny story behind this bag. My friend and I were in a thrift store and saw this, thought “okay it’s cute we will get it” and share it for pictures and such… only now did I realize it is vintage Fendi and an incredible designer bag! Not bad for $10!

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Sandals, yes! always..
Even if you don’t think you will need them.. just bring them. I always end up using them at some point and I am so happy when I have them. Not to mention they are stylish and perfect for all those Instagram pictures!

Well, folks, that’s it for today but stay tuned for the bigger blog post on my vacation and vlogs/travel videos!

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