We all know Springtime is here officially but, it is still a little chilly some of the days. I love pairing up a mixture of some of my favorite simple pieces of clothing with a little twist. As the season change so does fashion, and well creativity has no bounds so I thought I would dive into this little outfit for some around the city fun!

About the Look:
I wanted something really easy and simple, of course being comfortable while walking around is definitely on the top of my list. But, I also wanted that element of chic and very elegant Paris vibes. Haha in know… me and my vibes.. but I love it! The main idea behind this outfit was using pieces I loved in my closet, ones I wear a lot but not necessarily together. The colors are a nice compliment to each other too which was unplanned and definitely worked out well!

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The Top: So, this is a two-part combination here, the blouse is from H&M and I have probably worn it with a million outfits already. I like the white because that is going to go with pretty much every color, but the pattern gives it a different element and takes it up a notch.

I also paired that with an over sweater which happens to also be H&M ( the funny thing is this was actually on the men’s sale rack but it fit and I loved it ) A solid blue or black or even tan color would be really great to pair with white, so naturally this blue sweater seemed like a good fit. And the bonus was it was nice and toasty but it is still a lightweight weater so it was fine in 65-degree weather.

The Shoes: One of my favorite finds are these Tom’s tennis shoes, I honestly did not even know that they made this style of shoe but when I saw them I was really excited. I knew this outfit needed some light colors, and these shoes added that little pop of gray/white that was needed. I also wore these on my trip to Nova Scotia over the summer so, clearly, these are in my favorites pile.

The Jeans: Ok lets’ talk jeans. I love dark wash jeans, and you will probably never really see me in light colored ones. But, these are just pure magic! I found them at Target about 2 years ago, I would wear them all day every day if I could but I try to keep them in good shape. I wore these in London, In Canada, In Scotland… honestly everywhere and they are just always so perfect for every outfit. Definitely, invest in a simple ( but nice color ) pair of jeans for everyday outfits.

The Coat: Now this coat makes yet another appearance. I know we have all seem this one like 10 times already but it is perfect! ( and I mean perfect ) or every outfit. J.Crew does really well with some of their clothes and this is one of them. I have had this about 8 years so far and I just love it to pieces. The gold/tan color adds yet another color pop to the outfit, but also the style of the coat lends to the elegant appearance of this whole outfit.

An outfit is never complete without a timeless watch. I recently did a collaboration with BrainFarm who makes these cute stylish watches and I feel I love with the marble one. I guess you would say it was the perfect touch to finish off this outfit.

I think this outfit ended up being what I had hoped, it was comfy but still classy and made my day great!