Believe it or not, February has already started… Yikes?! I mean don’t get me wrong I am happy spring is coming soon ( oh so happy about that ) No more thick coats and warm clothes.. yay! but also, that means this year is already starting to go by sooo fast again. Before you know it we will be wearing swimwear and relaxing on the warm summer beaches.. but not so fast, it is still Winter!


On my very recent travels to London ( yes, the most stylish place ever ) I thought about doing a what I wore in London, although I wore a bunch of different clothes so a how-to style February seemed better. All the little tips and tricks for staying warm and yet still looking fashionable! Here is an outfit of mine that is a great example of all those things, style, and warmth.. the holy grail in fashion! haha.



When it is just a casual 38• F ( 3 degrees C ) you don’t have too many options on what you are going to wear because we all know a coat is going to be the main event… and yes, this was the case for me. But, I wanted a classic and sleek coat that was easy to pair many colors with, I could wear jeans or a dress, blue or black.. it was endless options. Meet my J.Crew Coat, it is a thing of beauty, well at least for me it is. I wanted to pack it on my trip because it is wool, which means it will definitely keep me warm, and it did. But, also because this is a very classic look, one you can spice up if you want to make it edgier or keep it elegant and simple. I also love the tan/gold color, it works with just about any pair of shoes and scarf.

So, all in all, bring a coat if you are traveling in February, you will love it, and it will add that little something extra to your outfit!



My newest addition to my wardrobe is this LoveVook black bag, I got it just for traveling as this is made with a ton of pockets and is very sturdy. I love how elegant this bag is, very sleek with black leather, it also has some simple gold pieces as well, not too much but just enough. My tip is definitely to find a very stylish bag that can hold a lot of stuff, especially if you are walking around London or Paris or really any city and need your basic essentials with you.



Well, obviously your outfit is not complete without shoes, and when it is winter it rains, it snows, and your favorite pair of stylish shoes might not hold up in the weather. Let me introduce to you the rainboot, not some old clunky yellow mud boot, but the stylish and elegant little black ankle boot. I found these on Amazon, thought they were cute and would give them a try. I ended up buying another pair because they are so wonderful. If you are walking around and it is raining then these are oh so perfect.

Not to mention, black boots are very cute, they go almost unnoticed with your outfit which is great for the winter months, cute and classy on the outfit, warm and dry on the inside.. could you ask for anything better?

Well, after this post I am sure February has come and gone, he he. But, every year we have this season called winter, and every year people find it tricky to be stylish and comfortable. So here’s to the fun in the rain, snow, possible sunshine and to being warm in the winter! Yay!