One can never know the weather in London, sunny one minute but could be training the next. Or as we found out each tube ( subway ) stop has slightly different weather!

I enjoyed my time wandering around London with two of my good friends, although we only had 2 days it was still totally worth it. Here is what I wore in the city of royals!

Day one was simple and easy, I opted for some comfy jeans because of course they go with just about anything and keep the style fresh. I also took my favorite ( and now rather old ) pair of white tennis shoes ( trainers as the Brits say ) as they were perfectly built for walking around in. I thought to add something bright and so I did with my simple women’s dress shirt from H&M, it even has some cute stripes too! I was a bit cold, but that is just poor planning on my part.. you know, Californians!

On day two I wanted to get a bit more classy, so I dawned my nice blue classic top from ( yet again, H&M ) paired with my Vgloss brand dark wash jeans, some cute gray suede loafers and of course the new wool handmade scarf I had just gotten in Scotland days before. I really think this outfit was well suited for a morning walk and brunch in the city until it started raining, but hey, it’s London!

Although day 3 was not really a full day and just mostly consisted of packing and heading to the airport I still wanted to show my outfit of the day. I was able to snag a picture next to one of those classic old red telephone booths which made my day! Sporting a pair of jeans, my favorite warm stylish jacket from Horseware Ireland ( defiantly check out their collections! ) and some simple black boots I picked up whilst in Edinburgh!

Hoping to post more what I wore in cities as I travel in the future, it’s always fun awkwardly posing for blog content! 😉