When I see outfit shots on Instagram in London I am always excited to see how they are dressing, because mind you, it can be cold.. rainy. etc! This time it is me who is standing there slightly bundled up ( thinking about warm tea and warmer summer weather ) and taking fashion shots on this tiny famous street in London. It is called Kynanance Mews and first off it is the best place for fashion shots!

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Moving on to my outfit ( and less on the tea and cookies though.. )
I wanted to pair a few pieces from my suitcase that I knew would be both easy to style and could be worn with many different styles of outfit pieces and coats etc. So, I set off with this lovely idea to have a very sleek and modern classic look, soon after I realized it was a bit too cold and I needed a jakcet.. so then my Topshop leather jacket became part of this #OOTD style.

That said, I really loved how it turned out in the end, I was both warm and also very stylish with a little hint of an edgy look. I do like that sometimes!

What I Wore:

Shoes: Well, This is the catch, Primark does not always have good clothes, and it well let’s face it known for having low quality and cheap clothes. But… when you need a simple pair of black heels they have you covered and for only $11! So you can’t beat that for a pair of travel shoes just for dinners and pictures.

Scarf: So, the best part about this scarf is that it is double sided.. YES, I know right! I love the blue patterned side but also sometimes when i am feeling like more color I can just reverse it to a mixture of oranges and reds. A friend got this scarf in Paris a few months ago and gave it to me.

Jacket: So this jacket is my new favorite leather jacket! It is thick and has a bit more of a pattern design then my old one did. I defintley think having a warm jacket even in the springtime is a good idea because it gets really cold at night and then it really comes in handy.

Top: This top is also from H&M, I found it on sale at a 2nd hand shop and really liked the pattern so I got it, it has been a great shirt and I can pair it with sweaters, skirts, pants etc! It also brings a little classy feel to this outfit while still keeping it edgy.

Pants: These are just a simple staple pair of black jeans I found at H&M a little while ago, they fit me nicely and I am happy to have a very basic pair of pants because I know they will go with just about anything, and of course, they are jeans so you can wash them when needed. Perfect for traveling!