There are so many ways to style up your outfits when it is still a little chilly as it has been the past few months. Although spring is on its way at leats for us here in San Francisco is can get pretty chilly in the evenings.

I realized that I wear a lot of scarves and in many different ways so, I wanted to share them with you for new style inspiration and ideas!

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I love my infinity scarf, although I do not wear it as much as I would like it is still a perfect hassle free scarf to be worn for almost any occasion. I love the design on this one because it is a bit more boho style than the other ones. I am excited to wear it more as the seasons get warmer and since it is a light fabric, I can wear it on the cooler spring/summer nights.

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This is just a simple, classic loop scarf style which is my perfect go-to look. I like the fact that it provides more warmth around your neck and you don’t have to worry about fixing it every five mins because it is less likely to fall off. I have found it works best when worn with coats as you can tuck in the ends to give off a very slick look for around the city.

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Let it hang loose and flowy? why not! If you are into more modern looks then this might be something to try. I usually use a medium thickness as it works best for this look. It gives an elongated look to your outfit and a very modern one too. feeling bold? try a black coat and pants with a bold red scarf!

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Of course my favorite for a windy day. This scarf style is super easy as it is just a wrap around like pictured below. Whether it is cold and you don’t want your ears to freeze off, or it is windy, and you don’t want windy struck hair which, is always a battle in the city or by the beach. I also use this style when running from the house to the car if it is starting to rain. Either way, this is a perfect style for many winter days!

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The simple wrap around over one shoulder is the base style for a lot of variations that are really easy to do if you just start with this and play around till you find something you like. I really think this style works best with thicker scarfs for the most part but also thin one can work nicely too. This polka dot one below is in the same style as above but just a different scarf which creates a whole new look so I really think the scarf itself can change the style dramtically.

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This easy but super classy style is most widely known as the double twist. I love how simple and elegant it looks. From my experience, thinner scarfs are better for this style, but you could use a thick one too. Whether it is a big coat, small jacket, or classic sweater you are wearing this style will go with almost anything!

Hope this post gave you some new ideas and ways to style up your scarfs or inspired you to try wearing more scarfs! They really are a fantastic style accessory to have during these chilly spring months : )