Fashion is a passion of mine, I think we all know that by now. But, I have been seeing some beautiful new and older trends over the past year or so and thought it would be fun to share them with you guys!

I love spring, it is such a beautiful season and especially when you get to break out all the pretty pinks and pastel colors in your wardrobe.

Let’s start off with this beautiful embroidered pink blush skirt. I love the colors in this, so many pinks, reds, and even blues. It’s a great party piece or just a fun city skirt. I think I wish it was just a little bit longer but still, it is to die for!! Super cute. I have not seen many skirts like this in stores but I will definitely be on the lookout for something like this for the spring/summer days.

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Springtime is all about white, and we know that white dresses may be hard to find, but even simple ones can be super snazzy if paired with the right accessories. I love this combo, the simple and pretty white dress with the black leather jacket gives it just a bit more of an edgy look which is perfect. So keep an eye out for a cute little dress, it might be the next best thing.

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Of course, tops are pretty much the staple item for springtime. I find myself searching through my closet trying to find a good top that is light colored and really works for the springtime… Well, I need to find some. But, I really love this light blue, it is a great color and although the top is not super fancy it can be worn in many different ways and that makes it a great piece for the wardrobe.

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Shoes, it is all about the shoes, at least in my book. I love espadrilles, I actually have a pair just like this except without the ties. Even if they are black they still pretty much go with just about any outfit and any color. But, that said maybe some pastel or pink ones would be oh so beautiful!

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