London is full of magical places for outfit shots, but nothing beats the classic and iconic Notting Hill. You have probably been seeing some of these fabulous photos on my Instagram more recently. I wanted to get some timeless London shots filled with color.

Many of you have been asking out my outfit, the espadrilles in particular! Well, here are all my style secrets.

Shirt: I have had this shirt for a while, I wore it a lot in the wintertime when running around London and Glasgow back in January. So, if you recognize it that is probably why. I love the style and the print, I don’t love the material so much, it is H&M so nothing too fancy but so far it has lasted me a while. I will say having a black and white print top can really be the perfect thing for traveling it just goes with everything.

Jeans: Again, H&M ( but they seem so well made ) So I found these a few weeks ago, they are the perfect fit for my body type. What I really like about them is that they have a bit of a mom jean/boyfriend cut to them. Jeans are of course a must-have, but you guys already know that : )

Shoes: Okay, Okay, now for the shoes everyone is asking about! People might think I am crazy for buying a pair of bright orange heels, but actually they go with almost every outfit and add a nice pop of color. Primark has some interesting finds, this was one of them, and on their summer sale rack too! I guess they were just waiting for me to find them.

Another outfit down in the books, I think it is nice to play around with different combos and see what works for different seasons. Maybe it is time to start a capsule wardrobe…