I like to think that every day is Sunday… well, I WISH! but sadly we have Mondays ( which I am thankful to catch up on work stuff ) we also Thursdays and Fridays, which yes I like them too. But, this is about Sunday.

I like to spend time in SF as much as I can, but after a while, you have seen most of the popular areas.. well I went on a mission to reinvent how I feel about some of the iconic and also not so popular spots in SF. So many are perfect for Sunday chills, and when I stumbled upon Chrissy field I knew it was the spot for an outfit post. I mean really! Have you seen the glorious palm trees? Mmm Hmm! It looks like an island. And I love it!

So, on with the blog post.. here is my outfit:

The Top: So I had never ordered anything from Shein before and was a bit skeptical about it but, I thought what the heck, might as well try it! So I did and I can say I am definitely happy with this top. It caught my eye because of the white ruffles. It is not a summery top so to speak but it is perfect for San Francisco where it is never too hot. I liked that it was black so I was able to keep it classy and sleek but also have that pop of white.

The Pants: Forever 21 has rocked it a few times with their pants, I love having a pair of black jeans, they really can go any style and that makes it simple for me. I love not having to have a million pairs of pants. So, I paired them with the ruffle top and away I went to pretend I was a slightly modern version of a 50’s French actress.

The Shoes: I saw these shoes in H&M a few times and kept telling myself that I did not need them, well eventually after the 4th time around I bought them and I am very glad I did! I think with red shoes you can wear them with almost any outfit. paired with black they look amazing and add a spot of color, but also with a simple white shirt and jeans they would also be the perfect summer flat.

Stay tuned and watch on my Instagram for the next outfit post!