What I Wore In LA!

Packing for a weekend trip in a small bag that is not even carry on is never easy but, I made it work! 3 great outfits and small amount of space, here is what I wore while exploring LA!

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Day 1: I opted for something warmer since it was a chilly 60 degrees. Which for LA is pretty cold. I wanted to bring some preppy vibes into my outfit for the day, so I sported a pair  blue jeans, a striped button up top and my favorite pair of ankle boots. Oh, lets’ not forget the bag ( which makes an appearance in all 3 styles ).

If you are walking around in LA or really any city it is nice to be in comfy yet stylish clothes. I was out all day in this outfit and was super happy with my choice. I found all of these pieces in my local second-hand shop. I never thought I could make an entire outfit from those pieces but much to my surprise I did, and I love it!

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My jeans are from V gloss and I have had these for a number of years. They are super comfy and I love the darker wash because it goes with so many different styles of tops and jackets. The top is of course from H&M which I did not realize until I got it at the shop. I love the simple lines and color scheme but it still adds a bit of that classic east coast feel. The purse is the big winner for me, I love the simple black color but worn the right way adds some pop to the outfit.

I found that also in the secondhand store brand new with tags ( Such a good find ) and I was super excited because I had just been looking for this style of cross body bag.
Then moving onto shoes for this outfit, I just think that you can almost never go wrong with a nice pair of ankle boots. They are hipster but also classy enough to complete the look on any outfit.

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Day 2: Was full of adventures and of course hiking to the Hollywood sign, which I did in a dress! Ok, not normal but who cares! I had ordered this dress from Forever 21 just for kicks and never thought that I would actually like it, but I actually did. I wanted to spice things up just a little bit ( and really only a little bit ) and although this is not a fancy dress it still gives off that look. Everyone loves to have a super comfy dress and this is it for me! Of course, I paired it with the black bag for kicks, and some simple little ballerina flats I’ve had for a while.

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Day 3: Because if you go to the beach you want to bundle up right? Well, that day I did! But, I still kept it beach themed with some Nine West white pants. I love wearing white when you want to add some color to your outfit. Although it is super bright, it is very easy to style tops with. I found these one day and thought I just had to get them, not sure if I would ever wear them but I did! The jacket is my new favorite coat, I have been wearing is like nonstop for a while. It is from the brand Guess and I have to say it works with just about every outfit! not to mention super comfortable and warm.

Of course, paired with the boots and purse it was a simple outfit to pack while also being different and new for the last day in LA.

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