A lot of people have commented on my outfits, wondering how I find such cool brands, but also wondering how much I actually spend on my style? Well, folks here is a perfect example!

This outfit is a lower end designer outfit, but still well-known brands. I found all of these pieces in a second-hand shop a little while ago. The shoes, however, were not from a thrift store but.. they were on sale! So, I guess that counts too.

The shirt is Gap and was in perfect condition, my guess is someone wore it once and did not like it. Which means all the more perfect for me! It is a cute and lightweight summer blouse and with the stripes and ruffles, it is casual yet still cute and preppy. I found it for $5 on a sale rack at a nice second-hand store and thought ” ah what the heck why not” Honestly I wear it very often and I love it!

The jeans, well this one might have just been pure luck… I also found them ( Universal Thread ) at a thrift store for about $6 on sale. I did not think they would even fit me but sure they did and like a glove so, I was super excited!

I think that people don’t always realize that you can have a chic and classy style without breaking the bank, and buying decent quality outfits too. I highly recommend going to a vintage shop and just checking it out.. you never know what you might find!