So, we went exploring the eastern seaboard, and by exploring I mean long hours driving, getting lost, finding cool places, beautiful beaches, islands, all that good stuff. When I think about all the places we went in 9 days I stop and wonder if we are crazy..? Obviously yes! But it was an experience I… READ MORE >


Do you ever travel to a new city and don’t know what to expect? Yes, well that was me. Up until 2 weeks ago, I had never traveled outside the US to Europe ( only Canada ). I have to say that it was an experience I am so grateful to have had. I’ve always… READ MORE > 

The Cabin Life

Now that the weather is warming up and summer is almost here it is the perfect time to visit the east coast, and that is exactly what I did! Although I had never been to Boston, nor had I even thought that soon I would be off for a week of much needed relaxing on … READ MORE >

The Cabin Life

San Francisco, the sights, and the food are two of the best things you can find in this city. Of course, there are so many more reasons to visit this beautiful place but I like to think it is one of those things that you don’t always know why you went, but you end up … READ MORE >

The Cabin Life

Although we might think of Canada as being filled with wide open spaces and maple trees, which it is in some parts. There are also the cities that we seem to forget about. Mini France is what I would call it, of course, when you cross the border into Québec your French better be at … READ MORE >