Need a quick getaway vacation? Well, I did! and LA was a perfect choice.

I really didn’t expect that in a 45-50 min plane ride I could be in a totally different part of the world ( ok still California ) I’ve only ever driven down to LA in the past and of course, that is at least a 6 hour drive so it was nice to have quick travel time. My friend and I went down for a weekend of sunshine and to visit some friends who live down there. I was super excited to get a tan at the beach, and well since it turned out to be 60 degrees and windy most days I did not get a tan.. but here is what did happen!



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We went to the Beach – Yes, it was beautiful!
I am a beach bum, that I can’t lie about. I love the water and the coastline, especially sunsets. I think all of California is known for the fabulous beaches, and while we have some beyond beautiful ones in Northern California it was fun to see some more typical palm tree, light sand, sunny beaches of SoCal.

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If I had to pick between Huntington Beach area and Santa Monica I would have to say it is 50/50 for each place. I love the town of Santa Monica and the path that they have along the beach for bikes and all that foot traffic. But, at the same time, the home vibes of Huntington beach was lovely, It had a way more cozy and relaxed feel.. ( also less homeless people ). But with all that said they are both wonderful places to relax and enjoy some sun!




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We went to Beverly Hills – and explored all that swag.
Now, I always think of clueless ( the 1995 movie ) when I think of palm tree lined Beverly hills streets. So I was glad to be able to explore and walk around seeing a few of the places that were in the movie. It’s a pretty big area and there are tons of big houses with really nice gardens.


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But, it was interesting to see how there seemed to be a lot of stressed-out people. It is a high-end area and I can imagine that with all that money comes all those busy people. Definitely, if you are looking for a beautiful place to stroll or relax in a cafe Santa Monica or Hollywood might be your better options. That said, of course, I loved running around and exploring all the fancy shops and houses in the Beverly Hills area. If you haven’t been before then it is something to do at least once.

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We went to the Hollywood Hills/ Hollywood sign – and boy was that fun!
I think I found my favorite spot in LA ( no wonder, it is a very nice place! ) But, something about Hollywood has that old glamour when we think of vintage Hollywood. A lot of the buildings are still art deco style. A lot of the houses are very 50’s looking with bright colors and palm trees. But that aside if you sneak up into the Hollywood Hills you might be able to find the Hollywood sign!

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The interesting thing is ( and I read about this before from BuzzFeed ) that google maps will not actually take you to the Hollywood sign when you type it in. Instead, it will send you to a viewing spot some few miles away. So we got creative and drove through the tiny streets of the upper Hollywood hills neighborhoods until finding a lovely park. Griffth Park actually has a hiking trail that takes you really close to the sign. We did not hike all the way up but still made it pretty close to it! I really have to say I love that area of LA it seems just like the Seacliff area of SF or the Berkeley Hills.

Not to mention you can see an amazing view of the city of LA from up there!

We got stuck in LA traffic – of course.. it’s CA!
Well, we have bad traffic in the SF area, and maybe it is just because we know how to navigate it but LA seemed so much worse! 3 hours to go 30 mins away. It’s crazy how many people commute to work, how many confusing freeway overpasses there are, and how many stressed out drivers. All in all, if you can avoid rush hour then do, but honestly, there are even a ton of cars on the road at 4 am!

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We ate food – it was super cool!
Someone suggested we go to the Anaheim packing house, and yes at first I was not sure what to expect. But, in the quiet town of Anaheim, they have a historical district in which you will find the Packing House. If you are a foodie then be sure to stop there! The best way to explain it is a big building that is first off incredibly decorated and styled but, also full of tons of food stands/restaurants so you can pick and pull your entire meal. I think we could have spent hours there just eating food from every place. Needless to say, like good northern California people we ended up getting Indian food ( yes, we are weird like that ) and somehow in the whole trip of LA, we did not get any Mexican food once! wow.. that’s actually kinda sad. But we will be back I am sure!

All in all, LA was cool. The traffic was not. And I think I love Hollywood the most!

There are so many places to visit in the So Cal area, it is the perfect weekend trip!