So, we went exploring the eastern seaboard, and by exploring I mean long hours driving, getting lost, finding cool places, beautiful beaches, islands, all that good stuff. When I think about all the places we went in 9 days I stop and wonder if we are crazy..? Obviously yes! But it was an experience I won’t forget. A lot of where we spent time was in Nova Scotia which really isn’t known that well ( at least not on the west coast of America ) but, I am going to share with you why it is an incredible place to visit.


Let’s start where we started our journey, Maine. Ok so this state is one known for the outdoors, honestly, that is 100% true. Watch for moose signs, boats everywhere there is water and the LL Bean store that you pass on the road. It would have been super fun to experience the wilderness of Maine but that was not our final destination. We then drove for ( what we originally thought was 6 ) but turned into a 10-hour drive. Up through Maine, New Brunswick ( which did I mention is the land of nothingness! and I am not joking ) Through Nova Scotia to Halifax which is the biggest city there and sits on the water to the east.


After our adventure of driving, which is always an adventure. We then had about 2 days to get situated in Halifax. We explored the beaches, Ha Ha! Of course… we are from California after all.

Dunc Duncan’s Cove was our first find.. and let me just say how AMAZING it was! If you ever pictured Nova Scotia being just like Scotland, but more coastal with the fog, the cliffs, the rocks, and the blue water well… this was it times 10! I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a scenic hike with some great waterfront views. Bonus, it is only about 15-18 mins outside of the city.

Next, we ventured over the water to Prince Edward Island. Which can I just say is the cutest place ever! I had always wanted to visit this island since watching Anne Of Green ables as a little girl. I mean I am sure everyone has, it put that island on the map. But, if you are looking for a smaller island ( only 30 mins wide ) lots of farm life and beautiful scenic countryside.. well this is the place for you. My only wish was that if it were autumn I know it would have been even more beautiful with all the leaves and the fall colors.

We stayed just outside of Charlottetown ( which is super small but very cute ) We drove across the island one day to a beach called thunder cove, that was a beauty. The red sand beaches are something to experience at least once. The water was warm, the sun was nice, I tanned, they burned.. it was a lovely day ( except for the sun burns ). I have to say when it rains in PEI it is just the best smell, summer rain keeps it green and lush even in August.

Lighthouses are not something we have much of in California, so we went searching, and of course, there are so many you can actually map them and see what ones you feel like going to. So, naturally, we got lost on a tiny dirt road looking for a small town. Once we found Victoria, of course, I had to take some Instagram pictures under the oh so pretty red and white lighthouse… It would make the cutest airbnb!

Our adventures on PEI were amazing, it is defiantly one of my favorite islands so far.

Next, we headed off to Cape Breton, and this place was just epic! The Cape Breton Highlands are far off in the northern tip of the island. It was originally settled by Irish and Scottish people years ago, and as of that, there is a lot of Gaelic influence. The Ceilidh Trail is best known for live music sessions at pubs around the Mabou area. The western coastline is something not to be missed.

We hiked the skyline trail which is about 1,000 feet up and has some incredible views. It is a widely popular spot for travelers and as such the perfect spot for us to watch the sunset, which we did. Although we did not see any moose on our trip ( and I kinda wish we had ) I know there are a lot around, it is truly some amazing exploring country, all the wild and untouched lands are the best if you are into the outdoors.


Halifax.. again? Yes! and this time we explored the city, the pubs, and all the good stuff. We did, of course, go back to that one beach we had found. We also walked down by the Halifax waterfront, it is filled with shops and fun things to do. I want to mention The Henery House, it is a pub, it dates back from at least the 1800’s and is located in downtown Halifax but remains an old unique historic house in which the pub is in. Great food and good beer.. what more can one ask for?

Of course, our adventure would not be complete without that 10-11 long drive back down to Maine. This time we stayed on Orr’s Island, I never knew these tiny little island areas existed right off the coast of Portland ME. Tiny summer cottages filled the land, a post office and a candy shop are all the island needed. Talk about cute and cozy! I am glad we got to experience a little bit of Maine before heading back to the hot and sunny side of the world… California.

Well, folks, I hope you enjoyed some of the pictures from the trip! I also hope to be doing more travel writing in the next year or so, I have found that exploring new places with friends is something one has to do every once and a while.