As many of you know I love London. To me there is nothing more exciting than an exciting old British city but, sometimes you need a little escape. There are many places within the grounds of ” Greater London ” that are filled with tiny hamlets and countryside escapes. I have always seen on Instagram some glorious pictures of Chiswick’s house and gardens so I wanted to explore it for myself!

Although I know that this is not really an escape from London, it is, however, a small patch of country life and a great place for a picnic with your friends on a Friday afternoon.

I also want to add that Chiswick is filled with cute shops, amazing foodie places and some charming spots for photos. If you are like me and run a blog or Instagram page it is perfect for you.

With photography in mind, we set off on the tube to Chiswick, just in time for a lovely afternoon in the gardens. I was glad to see all the different charming flower areas that surround the house, everyone was out and walking their dogs through the wooded forest paths, along the river and streams filled with ducks and swans. It was a very cozy vibe.

We could not pass up taking some Instagram shots at the house. I think during certain parts of the week you can go in the house.. but when we went it was closed. Oh well, that did not stop us from getting some great pictures!

I love the paths, they lead all around and into a maze which was just like in harry potter.. ok yes I definitely thought that was cool. They have a greenhouse that is open on a few days a week. The vibrant plants and flowers create the perfect backdrop for just about anything! I loved the whisteria.. oh my it is my favorite!

I definitely wish we had thought about packing a picnic with us, it would have been the perfect place. The green grass lawn spans down to the river and it makes such a perfect little lunch spot. So, if you live near Chiswick gardens please do go and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful sights!