So what is on your travel bucket list? I seem to have so many places, but of course, I am sure everyone does!

I think that everyone should travel in their 20’s. It is a great way to get out and have an adventure or two.. or even three! My travel list changes it seems year by year but for 2018 here are some of my top choices and hope I get to travel to at least some of them!



Okay, well this is probably on everyone’s list to be fair. I mean who doesn’t want to suntan on the beautiful beaches and swim in that perfect blue water. Not to mention the views. I love Greece because everything seems very old and that is the style I like. It is rich in history which is super fasanating. The colors are so beautiful I feel like you could never get tired of enjoying a day in the beautiful hillside towns. I also saw once in a movie that they have donkeys, for some parts that walk around the town areas and houses and well I think I might be obsessed! If that isn’t a real thing well… shhhh I can keep dreaming.

I currently have no trip plans for Greece but I really want to get the chance to vacation and relax there. Just gotta find the time to do it!

kaboompics_Canal with gondolas in Venice, Italykaboompics_From the boat on my way to the Islands of Murano


I have been so in love with everything Italian for the longest of time, pasta, fiats, and all those olive tree-lined roads. My gosh if I could hop on a plane right now I would be there!

I think the perfect trip would be chilling in the countryside in either a villa or just a cute old country house, sipping wine and just enjoying the weather. I would love to visit the mountain region too. Those places are super cool to explore around. Finding the hidden spots of a new country or town is exciting!

If you could do one thing in Italy what would it be? Now, I’m gonna start daydreaming.


Well, something about Iceland totally fascinates me, now more then ever I want to explore the nature and all the odd things about that place. I know that it is one of those places where I feel like any picture you take just looks like it came right out of a magazine. It seems so foreign and that seems like such a fun experance! Totally putting that on my bucket list for this year even though I probably will not end up going for a few years.

Not to mention the Icelandic ponies, oh my gosh! hands down that would be the reason for going there. All that fluff and all that cutness. It is a must-have adventure.



This has been on my list for the last 4 years at least, maybe even longer and it is one of those places I have just never been yet, but fingers crossed it will happen! I am a lover of Celtic music and arts so I totally think this is the place for me. They have so many islands that still speak the native langage, Gaelic which I think is so cool!

The highlands are one of those places that like Iceland is just pure picturesque and breathtaking. I know the cities are filled with old buildings and so much history. So many famous writers were from Scotland so it would be amazing to see what places inspired them to create such works of art.


South Carolina:
If I had to pick a place in the US that I have not yet been to and want to go to I would probably say South Carolina and I have no idea why! I think it looks cute and seems very southern and preppy. Living in California we have such a mix of everything in our state that would be interesting to see a place that is very southern and SC seems like that type of place. I have no idea what spots I would visit but probably Charleston since it looks like a great place to explore and find some cute cafes.

If anyone has ever been to SC definitely let me know what you thought of it 🙂

As 2018 is already starting to go by super fast I thought about traveling and realized I should make a bucket list. I am looking forward to the adventures and experiences this year has in store for me, hopefully, some great travels are on the horizon.

What are your top 5 bucket list places for 2018?