Of course, you must know by now that London is one of ( if not ) my favorite city. Europe is filled with some many fun and exciting places to explore and on my most recent trip to London I found some amazing new places, did a ton of exploring and tea drinking.

One thing I love about that city is all the cute and charming houses, shops and old buildings, it really brings me home to a happy and cozy place. Fashion and style is also something that I noticed a lot of when I was there, elegant and also hipster styles were roaming the streets.. even in the cold winter months. London is a fabulous city, hop on the tube and off you go to one of many many destinations. It never ceases to excite me.

Here are some of the things on my top travel list to visit in London, if you are going for your first time or even 5th there is always so much to explore!



#1 The Mews
Now, most people will probably say ” oh the tower of London, and big ben ” which are amazing places but, for me it is the mews. For those of you who don’t know mews are like small alleyways that have houses attached to them, usually a lot of plants and vibrant colored doors and buildings. It is a blogger’s dream location and the best part is there are so many around every part of the city. So far I have discovered 3 different mews and they are perfect for those charming street style shots. Kynace Mews is a very popular one and is located in a very swanky area so there are lots to see.


#2 Take A Stroll To The Cafe
If I tried to list all the wonderful cafes in London it would take me years! literally years… So, I will say this, London and greater London has some amazing cafes, fresh baked cakes and bread is always right around the corner. Did someone say donuts? I think so! Try crosstown donuts, they are sold both in their shops and sometimes at the Kings Cross Station farmers market outside. Amazing flavors and honestly totally worth it for the Instagram feed. Not to mention Laduree has the best ( and I mean it! ) Macarons ever.


#3 Food
Needing a bit more to eat? try the grazing goat… It’s located around the Paddington / Notting Hill / Kensington side on London. I loved their cheese dish, it was oh so tasty! `if you are looking for a coy spot to enjoy a glass of good wine and some great food then this is your spot. Not only are there some fabulous restaurants in the city but as a traveler with a gluten allergy, it is so nice to see how most of the restaurants disclose on their menu if an item as certain ingredients. I can’t say enough about the food in London, it is an experience of its own.


#4 All The History
If history is something that lights you up, then you have picked the right city. Find tour if you want an expert to show you the sights or just wonder on your own. Depending on what type of things you are into there are different tours for many different things.. Searching for old pubs? London has millions. Looking for famous movie spots? Again London has so many. Looking for old art? You’ll find it one of the many amazing museums ( that are free!)


#5 Needing Some Nature?
Well if you need to chill out, find a patch of sunshine or just go for a stroll you have many options. There are smaller parks all around the city which are perfect for some nature finds. But, the two biggest parks ( and they are very big ) would be Hyde Park, which is known for many things but it has a lot to do in the park, paths to walk, plants to find and sometimes even a group of horseback riders to pass you by. It is definitely bigger then Kensington Gardens ( which are somewhat connected to Hyde Park ) They have some lovely walking spots and of course a big pond and some nice gardens. There are also many other spots like Green Park, St James Park, Etc.


#6 Finding All The Cute Spots
So you want to find the cute spots? Biggest tip, look online and see what looks interested and then wonder in that direction. Most of the time popular sights are in areas where you can also find cute and charming spots that are less well known but still just as good. Get creative and don’t be afraid to ask a local what they recommend.