Maybe you just decided to take a quick trip with your friends up to the mountains, just like me. Or maybe you have already planned out a trip months ago, but still not sure what baches to hit up during your time in Tahoe. Since I recently went to the lake and explored probably about 4-5 beaches I think I can safely say that I found a few winners!

First off, I want to say that there are SO MANY beaches in Tahoe and I really only discovered a handful of them, so definitely keep looking online and ask your friends where they like to go. As a blogger, I am drawn to the unique spots, the beaches with crystal blue waters and pretty charming views. So here are a few of my favorite spots.

  • Sand Harbor

This beach is located right next to Incline Village for those of you familiar with the lake, it is just over the border into Nevada. It is close enough to Mt Rose so coming up from reno is only about 45 mins, but it is also fairly close to hwy 80 if you are coming up from the California side. Some friends suggested this beach and I am glad they did! It’s almost like a peninsula, there are 3 beaches and a small bay. What I love most about it is the endless spots to swim, jump off big rocks, walk around, or even just chill out by the water. To me, it feels like a beach mixed with an amusement park that has tons of cool little unique swimming spots. Not to mention it is the perfect spot to watch the sunset over the lake. Talk about an amazing evening. Go out and sit on the big rocks and enjoy the view.

The only bad thing about this beach I will say is, they close the parking lot at 11 am if it is full… then you have to wait until 5 pm to be able to get any parking spots when they open it up again. It is a very weird system. But they do have a shuttle that runs from Incline Village to the lake. You can find out more info if you google it.

  • Calawee Cove

Now this beach, this is a pretty one! We went late in the day probably around 3 pm and it was a perfect time. Not too hot and not too busy either. I loved how people park their boats up to the beach and have lunch together. There were many smaller boats around the lake, so while it was not a crowded beach it still had some things happening. The water was so clear it just blew my mind!

What a perfect little tucked-away spot. It is a smaller cove so it’s ideal for a few people looking to do a little bit of swimming and relax. Calawee Cove is on the California side, pretty close to South Lake Tahoe and hwy 50 to be exact. If you make it down to this area I recommend visiting the Emerald Bay lookout. It has a beautiful view of the lake and a waterfall!

I will definitely be going back to this beach and bringing all my friends with me!

  • Kings Beach

This was the first beach we went to during our trip to Tahoe. It is fun if you are looking for a good social scene. It’s a fairly popular beach as it is right next to a town. So, you can walk a block or two, get ice cream and then chill out on the beach. pretty much the classic mountain lake scenario.

I personally thought it was a bit crowded but I think that depends on the time in which you go. It is very easy to access from both the Nevada side and the California side. Street parking was a great thing but also the parking lot is super close to the beach and perfect for those big beach hauls.

Another fun fact about kings beach is that they rent out boat rides, jet-skiing, and other fun activities from the little shop/hut on the beachfront. So if you are looking for some fun things to do, this beach has it all!

  • Tahoe City Marina

Although not technically seen as a beach, the Marina is a cute spot to relax and grab some food. If you are looking for the classic lake scenery then all the colorful boats will be the perfect backdrop. Jake’s on the lake is a nice restaurant with outdoor seating and a great view of the lake and marina. I recommend having a mimosa and enjoying the sunshine. Tahoe City is cute and filled with shops and almost everything one might need. So take a walkabout and explore this adorable little mountain town.