Adventures, Adventures, nothing like going to the Colorado mountains in the middle of winter… so beautiful! It’s always fun to travel, and when you visit friends, it’s even better. I thought it was going to be super cold and well luckily the first few days were not much colder than California, I was super happy about this!

The week kicked off with some early morning snowboarding which turned into a lovely way to spend the sunny afternoon. Snow on the trees everywhere and icicles never looked so beautiful.

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Of course, it gets cold at night, and we bundled into our cabin with a cozy fire lit while it was snowy outside. By the second day, the fun was on a roll, as we went snowmobiling which was super amazing and oh so pretty! We were lucky enough to have gone on an incredible 20-mile 2-hour trail which streatched out into the mountains where the forest had all snow covered trees!


I always love to move around while on adventures which is exactly what we did. Most of the trip we stayed right near the Steamboat Springs ski resort which was so beautiful and overlooked the valley with all the snow covered houses. Snowboarding was, of course, a given and it was very fun despite all the aches from falling over the course of 3 days. When it snowed, we kicked back in the hot tub and relaxed, great for the mind and body!

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Just when I thought the mountains could not get any better, they did! On the 4th day, we drove to the next ridge over where they have a hot spring and boy was that just a beautiful sight! It must have been built originally in the early 1900’s but then got slightly remodeled, and I have to say it’s so cute, little wooden cabin buildings and log fences around the free flowing natural hot springs. I had never been too hot springs, so naturally I was thrilled to get the chance to kick back and enjoy a pleasant few hours looking at the beautiful view of the snowy mountains while enjoying a warm soak.

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The trip continued with more adventures in the middle of nowhere, and it was very fun to have the chance to drive up to the rugged country near the top of Colorado and enjoy a night in nature. It was unbelievable just how cold it was when we got up at 5 am to time-lapse the sunrise which is a lot harder in 12• weather.. and let’s just say the timelapse did not work out as the camera started to freeze. That said it still was a beautiful view one does not normally get to see in the early winter morning!

Hopefully I will adevnute back next winter or maybe to somehwere else that is filled with beatuiful little tonwns covered in a white blanket of snow.