February marks an exciting anniversary of my blog Irma Sophia! It is hard to believe it has been 2 years already, it feels like 10 sometimes and less than 1 other times haha!

Looking back on the past 2 years I realized I have done so many amazing things with my blog, worked with incredible brands, traveled to wonderful places and so much more. So, I had a peek through my Instagram and found tons of pictures that I had honestly forgotten I had posted along the past 2 years. I thought I would do a mini trip down memory lane featuring some of the biggest highlights.

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One of my first style pictures #ootd
I think this might have actually been a month or so before I officially started Irma Sophia and back when my blog was called Polk Street Blog ( I only had that blog for about 5 months ) I look back at this picture now and think ” wow, it is not that bad, but I sure have grown in my style since then ” It’s crazy to think that was 2 years ago, after all so much has changed and happened and it’s just mindblowing.

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Ah flatlays, Yes this was a new thing too! #BiteBeauty
BiteBeauty was one of the first ( and maybe actually the first ) of the big brands I worked with back then, I even still have and use those lipsticks today. I think this might have also been one of the first few flatlays I had done after I learned that they were called fly lays ha ha! I still do really like the picture and it’s great to see some of my old work that is not too bad.

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The Classic Apple Pie.. #GlutenFree
So this recipe has been changed so many times ( ever so slightly ) throughout the years but it still has remained my go to and favorite one. I don’t do as many recipes now as I did then, but also that is probably due to the fact that I just don’t have as much time to experiment with baking and cooking anymore.. sadly.

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My First Time Out Og The USA! #TravelTime
Montreal was not my first thought when I thought about going out of the country but it turned out to be the first city I went to Canada when I was there on vacation during the summer ( thank god not the winter.. burrr ) It’s an interesting city, not exactly my style but still has some beautiful places to take pictures and visit. Also, I found the most amazing cafe there except I can’t remember the name!

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Making Irma Sophia My Brand. #Blogger
I never really saw myself as a blogger and much less an Instagram influencer.. so that was like bam! a new way of life and it has really given me a creative outlet that I love. Although it I not really a job, sometimes it feels like maybe in a few years it might be able to turn into one which would be really fun. I have often thought about making a small shop to sell some cool items, even though I have not done it yet I still might! It’ funny to look at my name and my logo and think ” was there a time that I was not blogging? ” ( and really it has only been 2 years )


Wine Tasting And Experiences! #LetsExplore
Well, this might just be the best part of blogging, and that is the experiences and the adventures, and of course the wine tasting! Ha ha! Well, I have only done one so far but it was amazing. I was working with Hype App and they sent me on that lovely experience with my friend into napa and to go wine tasting which was amazing! I realized I really like doing that kind of things.


Starting My Youtube Channel. #Vlogger
Now that was fun, back about 1 year ago I started my youtube channel. Although not many ( if anyone ) watched my videos it was still something I did for me, and for my friends so I could save those memories for people to see. I still today vlog and do travel videos which I LOVE doing, so hoping I get to expand that part of Irma Sopha. Shameless advertising but, check out my youtube channel at @irmasophiablog


My First Europe Trip #TravlingAgain 
Ok, England and Europe has always been on my travel list, ever since gosh who knows… maybe I was 8 years old? Yes, I think so. Anyways, last year i started working on a film project which took me over to the UK and although it was not blog related I still had a few days in London which was blog related. I loved it so much and knew that I should go back to actually work on blog stuff sometime again soon.


The Wine and Cheese Party #Amazing
This was a super fun day, I hosted a small gathering featuring local cheeses and wines to create not only a fun day and small event but also a great blog post. The aim was to promote local foods. I think it went really well, we had such a fun time and the cheese…. OH MY the cheese was amazing!


2 Years Later… #HavingFun
Here are two years later, feeling stunned that this much has happened in the past two years. Excited for what the next two years bring to this blog. I most recently went back to the UK and had a few days just taking blog pictures, outfit shots and traveling around with my friend exploring everything. I can say it was amazing ( and yes, I still want to go back again ) I hope this next year brings a lot of great and fun traveling adventures.

My style has changed, I have gotten smarter with clothing.. thrifting and yes keeping it simple sometimes too. I think I have taken a liking in fashion more so than ever before which is new and interesting. I love posting vlogs, videos, pictures, and everything I do within Irma Sophia. I hope ( and fingers crossed ) it will grow into something big a beautiful over the next few years.. So here’s to this blog and all that is to come!