It is that special time of the year again! the one where the snow falls, the towns are decorated and your home smells its best because of all the wonderful holiday candles.

Every year, as you may know, I put together a holiday candle guide where I feature some of my favorite new findings that I think would be just perfect for the holiday season. Maybe you are looking for a thoughtful gift to give.. and in that case, I have brought you just the perfect thing!


It is no surprise that the first one on my list is from Lagom Essence. They are a lovely small candle company based out of the UK that has the most amazing high quality and 100% natural candles. So if gift giving is on your mind this would be a perfect choice. I love the copper packaging and the easy to close lid. The one I have is their Calm Blend – One and I absolutely love it!

Shipping might take a bit since it is coming all the way from Europe so make sure you stock up with this perfect little gift giving number.

About Lagom: Based in Hampshire, United Kingdom, Lagom Essence is a small team passionate about creating natural products in stylish containers that are not only good for your wellbeing but also trendy to have on display.

We make our candles using 100% natural vegetable wax, pure aromatherapy grade essential oils and chemical free cotton wick. Nothing else. All our candles and reed diffusers are blended and individually hand-poured in small batches in UK.



Next down on the list is of course Birch House Candles. They make some fabulous candles for all occasions, whether you are wanting to enjoy a cozy night in the house or you are also looking to gift I think you will be happy with their selection. This is a more local company as they are based in the US and out of New Jersey. The scent I have here is fresh pine and my gosh… what a wonderful smell! It will definitely brighten up your house this holiday season.

About Birch House Candles: Each Candle is made entirely by hand. Birch House Candles uses renewable U.S. grown soy wax, which burns longer and cleaner, eco-friendly and non-toxic cotton wicks and premium phthalate-free fragrance oils. No color dyes are added, which allows the feature to be pure cream soy wax. A minimal label and simple logo allow the beauty of the candle to shine through.



All about that wood wick? new and modern styles have incorporated the wood wick into their candles and Sanari is a perfect example. If your home is sleek and modern then definitely check out these lovely home candles. They are poured into a glass and made to sine on every occasion. I have two scents by Sanari, the first is the Biscotti and the second is Bosco. These are high-end candles that can even be found in your local Pharmica. But, be sure to check out their online shop as they have some amazing scents!

About: Sanari Candle is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle, through the highest quality organic and green products in the industry. Our vegan candles are free of all animal products. Our non-GMO candles are made from unaltered soybeans and natural coconuts.

Each of our natural candles begins with the end in mind — To craft the ultimate sensory experience for you and your loved ones from eco-friendly plant-based ingredients. Your time is precious. When you relax and unwind, you deserve the best organic candles that nature has to offer.



Well, they say candles never get old.. and just to show that is true I decided to include a few of my favorites from last year. Charleston Candle Co has a beautiful holiday candle called the Charleston Christmas. I love the simple and elegant packaging and the scent is just beautiful! If you are a preppy girl then this is the one for you.

About Charleston Candle Co: We create and hand-pour all of our candles in small batches locally in Charleston, SC. Each scent we choose for our candles represents a historic or significant part of Lowcountry culture. Charleston has been voted time and time again as one of the top destinations in the world, and we want to share a bit of this magical city with you.

All of our candles are made with all natural soy wax. Our soy wax is produced from US grown soybeans and create clean burning, eco-friendly candles that contain no toxins, carcinogens, or pollutants. Soy candles also last longer than typical paraffin wax candles. We also use eco-friendly candle wicks made from natural cotton and paper threads that are lead and zinc free.



Last but not least is my favorite little candles, which make the absolute perfect gifts. Tule Fog is a cute candle brand that makes these lovely ones. I got them last year and hung onto them because I thought they were so cute. I will definitely be lighting them in my house this year when I welcome guests over during the holidays.

About Tule Fog: Named after Northern California fog, Tule Fog (tu:li:) offers a line of individually poured, clean-burning, soy wax candles, and non-toxic diffusers. We exclusively use soy wax and no phthalates or lead. We hope that our products inspire warmth and coziness inside your homes.