Festive Cards, Gift wrap and Goodies.

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The smell of a fresh cut Christmas tree, little fairy lights glowing and beautiful candles burning while wrapping holiday gifts is one of my favorite things!

Every year I try to find new ways to spruce up the gift giving and this year I’ve found a multitude of cute holiday cards, gift wrap, and little goodies. You can’t have a festive gift without some great wrapping paper and that leads us to the first of many lovely little brands who have fantastic items for the holidays.

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I cannot get over just how cute these cards and gift wrap rolls are, from the famous Swedish Dala horse to a more modern festive tree paper, you name it they have it. The holiday cards are of course fabulous as well. Paper Pony Co. was established in 2015 by illustrator Talia Gavish, and whether you have equestrian friends or just animal lover friends, these cards and gift wrap will be sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces this holiday season. I am so excited to be using some of these lovely little things from Paper Pony this season!

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If you are a fan of holiday and also everyday cards, just like me, then you’ll love these from the collection that Ninety Co has, a small French brand that combines style with hand created design adds a touch of brightness to your holiday season. Sometimes I think they are so cute you might as well frame one or two. Be sure to check out her shop and explore all the holiday goodies they have to offer. Not to mention she has a wonderful little blog as well!

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Handcrafted cards are my favorite, and of course, this one is right up there! I found this lovely, little holiday front door designed card from a little stationery brand based in the UK called De Winton Paper Co. She makes some of the most beautiful cards and invites for use during the holidays and all throughout the year!

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Although Ikea is not a cute little boutique shop or anything I do have to admit they have some pretty great Christmas and holidays items, Their wrapping paper every year while it can be a hit or miss it usually has something pretty good to offer, these four rolls of gift wrap are from Ikea. I got them over the course of 2 years, but they have lasted and continue to work every year with my holiday gifting style. Loving polka dots as you can tell.

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With all this talk of wrapping gifts, I thought I would share some of my new findings that make the perfect gifts! If you know someone who is an organized person or they just like to have a weekly planner, then this super cute and practical notebook from Frank Stationery is just the one for them. They give a school book to a child in need with every purchase they get, just like tom’s, one for one. If you have a modern style and shop at Anthropologie, then this is just your cup of tea.

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Another great gift is candles, Paddywax has a vast collection of winter and holiday candles as well as just regular ones too, While it’s cold outside and snowy, candles make the perfect home decor items. Even add a bow to spruce it up as I did with this Christmas fur scented handmade candle from Twenty Something Feet.

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