Anyone up for cake? I think YES! is the answer. The best way to celebrate summer is with gorgeous food and parties right? so why not get inspired to make and decorate some fabulous cakes. In this post, I am going to be sharing some of my inspiration and also some handy tips to make those cute magazine worthy cakes you always wanted at your party!

So, I recently saw some beautiful pictures on Pinterest and Instagram ( because let’s not lie we all cake stalk on Instagram ) and it got me wondering what makes them look so fabulous and can I do it too?

There are so many ways to make a simple cake stand out at an event, and while looking and a bunch of photos I realized it is all in the decoration and style of it. So, that said let’s talk about 3 ways to make any cake whether freshly baked or store bought a fabulous one.



#1 Flowers, okay let’s start here. You probably see many cakes that are spring/summer themed and just look amazing right? Well, if we took away all the decorations it would just be another vanilla or yellow cake.

I think the trick here is adding flowers, tons of flowers that really compliment the look of the cake and the theme you are going for. Roses are a perfect piece to add to your cake, they are a perfect size, shape, and add just the right touch of color. In this cake here you can see how they started with a simple base, added a light pink frosting layer and then carefully decorated it in flowers of all pink but slightly different colors. This then added that touch of charming and darling to it without breaking the bank or making anything too complicated. You could do this too with a fresh home-baked cake and taking your inspiration ideas to the next level. Try adding some greenery or some berries to brighten things up and change the look. It really is endless what you can do with just a hint of nature at your fingertips.


#2 Let’s talk sparkles and cupcakes! Well, we all love to add a bit of surprise to our festive parties and there is no better way to do it then with creative colors and a simple cupcake or square cake bite. Start with your frosting.. white, black, pink, rainbow, the colors are endless and how you apply it is also endless. There are some great tutorials on youtube for making fancy designs with your frosting. Next, add some color, try some food grade gold powder, multicolored sprinkles, or even just some creative chocolate drips. I love how they took a simple base cake, cut it into smaller pieces, added white frosting and colorful sprinkles. It is both simple but also is a statement piece and definitely party ready!


#3 Rich chocolate and all! because why not? Another perfect example of how to make something simple into a masterpiece. Here we have a chocolate cake, could even be a bundt cake or a regular round cake, you choose. By adding some thick melted chocolate instead of frosting you have created an illusion that this an expensive cake. If you take it the extra step by adding fresh peeled pears and sprinkle that with chocolate or cocoa powder then you have just made a fantastic looking cake. The beauty and elegance will wow people at parties and events. All in all it was a pretty simple process.

So, with all that said it is time to bake some cake! and enjoy these tips for making some fabulous works of art.

The cake does not just make the party but it adds to it, so sprinkle some of that glitter around the place, add some festive banners and really have fun with styling up the summer fun!