So I felt like writing something, and while I have tons to blog about, my past trips, new recipes, collaborations etc. I find myself wanting to just be real and genuine with blogging more often. It is hard to open up about stuff, and by no means am I going to sit here and sob over anything…. in fact, I wanted to share my experience on Instagram and what I think of the platform and how it is changing the blogging/influencer world today.

First off, I love Instagram, that said it can be time-consuming when I want to be productive, and it is not always filled with pictures you want to see ( especially if you are wishing to travel. Well, then you are stuck there for hours drooling and daydreaming and then realizing you are not in Paris) hmmm… anyways! Although it may be a lot of things it is also a great thing for keeping people connected. I love Europe, and I have met a fair amount of people from Europe and I am so happy that I get to stay in touch and see all their adventures.


On the blogging and more professional side of things, it is a great tool for really learning about your followers, what works and what doesn’t, image quality, colors, themes, food, fashion… you get my point. And while all of this is happening I am both frustrated sometimes and also realizing that this is just a social platform. Do I need to get millions of likes or is my content just as good even if it has below 100? I think what it has taught me is to be real, be funny, make those Instastories that just seem stupid and really hilarious, that maybe people will watch and laugh a bit. It has also taught me to be kinder to people, leave nice comments and make new friends. There are a lot of super cool people I am getting to know from around the world, all by just following their pictures and taking an interest in what they like to share.

kaboompics_Books and purple flowers on a wooden stool by the bed

Instagram is a cool place, so let’s keep it cool, and of course hilariously funny as well, because we all need that picture of your cat, yes your cat eating the Christmas tree.

Also… all this talk about Instagram, I will very openly drop a line here saying…. Follow me! he he my username is @IrmaSophia ( I post some cool stuff and lots of tea )