The Reality behind blogging is one of those unknowns and for each person it really can be different. Since blogging is for talking and sharing I am going to go against my usual grain and write something with a lot more reality in it.

I think that first off, the reality behind blogging is not a secret thanks to youtube. I think we used to just assume that people in the public eye just had a perfect life, then blogging and vlogging came along.. now we get to realize they are just people with dreams, goals, struggles, and hardships just like us!


This is important to share with the world, especially the younger generation. They need to know not every adult has their life together and that is OK.

Blogging has opened up so many doors for people, including me. I am not the type of person to want attention, but I love creating things, making visual beauty, and exploring life. I love that blogging allows me to express all that without feeling like I have to be in the limelight. But… my point to all this is..

All in all, there is a lot about someone’s life you will never know about, should we be more open? is it our contribution to the community.. or should we keep the professional stance? There are so many ways to look at it. I really want to open up the conversation and get people talking and thinking about how social media and living the life of a blogger changes our lives, for good or bad.

If you are creative and love making and sharing I think blogging can really give someone ( like me ) an outlet for that. I started blogging about 2 years ago, and oh my! it has been a journey, but it has been a great one! No, I am not rich ( Yet! Always working towards that ) and no I am not a jaw-dropping fashionista, but I blog for the fun, and for the chance to stretch my creativity and contribute to the community of incredible people making amazing things that seem to really feed our generation.

Well, that was long and had a lot of words… but hey, it’s blogging!

Let’s share our thoughts, so what are yours on this topic ?