I don’t always get super excited when the season change but autumn can be exciting, at least for me. I love how all the colors come to life, people start decoration their homes more, everything is focused on being cozy and that makes me feel calm and relaxed.

I thought about autumn and was looking at some pictures online, realizing that autumn is an inspiring season and I am going to share with you what it means.



Autumn means…. Sweaters!
If anyone loves warm colorful sweaters then fall is the season for you! I just love how cozy they feel, although I don’t actually own that many, I am looking at getting more this season. Another thing I love about this season is that you can still wear skirts, shirts, jeans.. honestly everything that has a bit of color pop and is slightly warmer.

annie-spratt-454820-unsplashanita-austvika-1084667-unsplashkaboompics_Autumn Details

Autumn means….. Nature!
There is no better season to take walks, hike, run in the forest and truly explore all the amazing colors. I love it when the leaves change and the fruit is ready to harvest, something about fall is just brilliant. So where are your favorite place to wonder? ever tried a U-Pick farm?


Autumn means.. Tea
Well, who else loves a cuppa? because I know I do! Nothing is better on a cozy autumn morning then just relaxing with a cup of tea or hot cocoa. If you haven’t seen my Spiced Chocolate Chai recipe you can find it here!
Coffee time? Oh, I think yes. Stop by a cafe and chill with friends, there are so many great new flavors of hot drinks in the fall.. it is endless goodness!