Ever wonder what’s in my go-to bag this season? Well, not much exciting except one thing that I find super useful and perfect for a girl on the go! If I said it’s Kleenex you might think of the tissues but no, it’s the Kleenex wipes!

I am always the type of person who carries around hand sanitizer with me when in the city or going places on public transport and traveling. So, this came as no surprise that it would end up in my everyday bag and happily used.

I went to my Walgreens and found these which I had heard about through working on this campaign with Kleenex. I was pleasantly surprised at how cheap and packable they are! They had two different types at the store, the package read ” safe for hands and face ” talk about a double bonus! I love having a germ killer in a wipe form for things you might be touching. Even just for cleaning your hands or makeup brushes after applying some products when out and about.

All in all very very handy and I am glad to be introduced to this product. I think they will remain in my bag for a long time ( or until they run out and I buy more of course! ).

Interested in trying them out for yourself? Most stores sell them but also try: Kleenex Wipes