Eat well. Be happy!

In this post, I’ll be sharing some simple and easy ways to eat healthy without making it a lot of work, because half the time people stop eating right is because it takes too long for them. So let’s explore some key factors in living a healthy lifestyle!

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Down to the roots, so eating healthy is not just buying that Ritz cracker box that has 50% less fat or reduced calories, it’s about actually knowing what you are putting into your body. I use to eat those foods, and I know how easy it is to buy a quick snack at the local store or walk down the aisles and start craving buttery crackers and cookies. The idea is not to feel bad for what you are eating and never to try and punish yourself for eating those unhealthy items but to start to train your mind and body that it’s probably not what you are craving and instead find a good source.

For example, I used to buy a bag of Ruffles Cheddar chips when I was out and busy because I needed a little extra snack and fuel throughout the day. I did not eat them because they were the most amazing thing but because I was hungry and that was easy. Well since then I have replaced that unhealthy snack with a very healthy one, I go to the store with whole foods or sometimes Trader Joes and buy a few nut bars or fruit bars to put in my bag each week. When I need that little extra kick, I can get it but also without feeling like I’m filling my body with ugly processed food and fat.


So maybe you don’t snack outside of meals, and you cook and eat at home but still aren’t 100% happy with your diet and food intake. Cooking healthy nutritious food at home is very simple and easy, people see these recipes all over online, and then you go to cook them and realize it’s going to take you 3 hours. Well, there is a way around that!


For breakfast, smoothies are an amazingly quick way to get a whole glass full of amazing goodness in your body and be ready to start the day! There are a lot of smoothie recipes, and most are healthy, and some are not. Start with a good milk and if you want to cut down on the fat intake then use a substitute like Almond milk or Soy milk preferably unsweetened. Once you have your base you can switch it up all the time with new fruits sometimes I get creative and mix it up all the time. You can also add a plant or whey protein to give you that extra boost! Fruits are another fantastic thing to have for breakfast along with nuts and oats, and you want to get this idea that whatever you are putting in your body in the morning is going to affect your day if you want to get the most out of it then fuel up with healthy options.

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Easy lunch and dinner ideas are sometimes hard to find, but there is no shame in keeping it simple, veggies and meats are amazing and while we might all crave the occasional ” traditional meal ” there are ways to make it without all the extra added unhealthy stuff. For Christmas dinner, I made a load of amazing dishes, and the greatest thing was that they were simple and super nutritious! Stir fried green beans with garlic, herb butter chicken and salad, and a fresh baked sugar-free natural apple pie. All of this had little to no salt, small amounts of fat, low calories, no sugar, and no wheat. Healthy food is there it just has to be made to fit your needs and lifestyle.

I also want to mention being Sugar-free and Gluten free may be one of the most eye-opening and amazing diet changes one can make. At first, I thought it would limit what I eat but soon after realized it only makes be read and be aware what is actually in the food I am buying and made me more appreciative of all the natural fruits and veggies that are blooming with goodness. In the past five years, the gluten-free market has picked up so fast and now almost anything that you would usually see made with wheat you can now be replaced. Living life sugar-free makes you realize that sugar is in everything.. and I mean almost 70-80% of foods have added sugar in them so if you are trying to lose some pounds this year then cutting out sugar will do wonders.

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Food is something that is a beauty, and the Earth gives us so much fantastic food to thrive on, and it is our job to be aware and take the time to keep our body healthy and happy!