Best Apple Pie!

How about a fabulous Apple Pie with no guilt? I think yes!

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Because it is always pie season, well at least in my house! It is an excellent time to explore with recipes. I am currently gluten free and also sugar-free which is an issue when it comes to Pies and any seasonal treats. The good news is this recipe is both 100% gluten-free and sugar-free! So you can feel both happy and guilt free with a wonderful pie in hand.

The whole thing started off when I came across a great gluten free flour already a mix and ready to be used as a wheat replacer I got the idea to make an apple pie, and glad I did because it was delicious!

Here is what you will need:

For the crust

• 2-2.5 cups gluten free flour

• 1 cup butter ( usually that’s two small sticks )

• 1/2 cup of cold or ice water

• A pinch of salt

For the filling ( 2 ways to go about this )

6-8 apples washed, peeled and thinly cut

1 tablespoon of Cinnamon

1 teaspoon water


• 6-7 cups of thinly sliced apples

• 3/4 cups of sugar replacer ( I used Truvia a stevia blend )

• One teaspoon Cinnamon

• 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

• One tablespoon lemon juice

Note: If following option #1 it will have to be cooked for about 20 mins before being placed in the pie. 

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Start by preheating the oven to 425• and mixing the flour and pinch of salt together then, add the butter in small chopped cubes and mix either with a mixer on low or even with your hands until it has a slightly bread crum texture.

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Next, slowly add a teaspoon at a time of the cold/ice water into the flour while mixing on a low setting. Once all the water has been added it should be like bread before it’s cooked. be careful not to over mix it. Next set in the fridge for 4 hours or the freezer for 20-30 mintues.

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Here comes the tricky part as with most baking we have to roll it out and into the pie pan. I had a hard time with this because it kept sticking so if you have a great trick for rolling out dough then use it, if not just roll it slowly and make sure you dust the board and rolling in with flower.

– Apple Filling –

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Next mix the apples, spices, sugar replacer and lemon juice together in a bowl and add the filling to the pie and cover. Or if you are following option #1 then place all the apples in a big pot and let simmer for about 15-20 mins until they have softened and have a nice golden glaze. Then you will spoon them out ( best with a slotted spoon ) and into the pie pan. This recipe should make enough dough for both the bottom and top of the pie depedning on how you plan to decorate the top.

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Place the pie in the 425* oven for about 40 mins and until slightly golden. Make sure you check on it every 15 mintues or so to make sure the sides aren’t burning and if they areyou can coverthem with tin foil.

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Let it cool beofre surving up and then enjoy it! You can also make whipped cream with some stevia or just plan and that adds a lovely sugar free extra to an ralready amazing pie!

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