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Natural Beauty At Its Best!

I’ve talked about creating a healthy start to 2017 with taking care of your body through eating healthy and taking the time to relax and keep your mind energized and fresh. Now I’m going to share an important part to living a healthy and green lifestyle, and that is beauty and skin care.

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I always think that whatever you put in or on your body will reflect your overall beauty and natural beauty is the best kind! While we don’t all have perfect skin or the most amazing eyelashes we want to feel good about the products we are using in our everyday life. In the past ten years, there has been a massive growth of natural, vegan, and organic cosmetic brands that have popped up and have some amazing products that you can feel good about using!

Here is a little collection of some great and natural products I have found recently and wanted to share with you.

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First off is the Real Purity Health glow cream foundation, I love the texture and glow it gives your skin when I first put it on I was amazing at how well it blends into your skin and its long lasting too! I would recommend this to anyone looking for a natural substitute for your everyday foundation. Real Party is an all natural and cruelty-free cosmetic brand that has a lovely range of makeup and skincare products.

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On the topic of skin care, I found this nice little brand from Greece that specializes in facial creams. ODEIA eco cosmetics, their day cream, is enriched with wild strawberry and raspberry and is free of any chemicals. I love the smoothness of this cream as it aims to reduce redness and dullness in your skin 100% naturally! For someone who has sensitive skin like me, I was very happy that it was a soft and gentle formula for my skin and the best part is it’s not oily!

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Next on the list is Mascara! I use it almost every day, and I started to realize something that I was putting on my eyelashes every day better be natural. So, I went out and started looking for a good natural mascara that I could feel good about using. Pacifica has a beauty line which I have used in the past for their perfumes ( which are lovely ), but I thought I would try their mascara. Being 100% vegan and cruelty-free with most of the ingredients natural and filled with things like coconut oil I feel good about actually using this every day as a replacer for my old mascaras.

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Another addition to any makeup look would be lipstick, and why not natural? Along with their foundation, Real Purity has a great lipstick collection with a verity of colors that will work for anyone’s makeup style. Natural lipsticks tend never to last long, but these are long lasting and have a lovely texture, so it makes the application a breeze! They will be in my everyday makeup and travel bag for sure. I’m always amazed when natural products are just as good ( if not better ) than mainstream ones!

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Illume is a beautiful brand that is known for their amazing candles, but they have recently started selling roll on perfumes which are over the top amazing! While not all of them are 100% natural as it depends on the type of fragrance and oils they are still a very good replacement for most of the popular perfumes that are on the market. I love how they combine their scents so wonderfully and with cute packaging too!

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Nails, Nails, Nails! Anyone who loves nail polish will love this brand called Zoya. Free from all the harmful chemicals that are found in most nail polishes this brand has tons of amazing colors and endless styles, glitter or matte you name it they have it! I found this in whole foods about two years ago and have been using Zoya ever since! It does not chip or crack like most natural ones do.


Some more little mentions that are a part of my everyday beauty routine is shampoo and facial cleanser. These two brands are higher end and natural which always makes me happy to see natural products doing so well! The shampoo is by Caudalie Paris, it smells great and does wonders! Next is the Liz Earle cleanse and polish which is filled with rosemary, chamomile, and more natural active ingredients.

Being mindful of your skin and body is a great way to live a happy and healthy lifestyle! I’m always on the looking out for new amazing finds and will share them when I find more!

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