5 Steps to the Perfect Gathering!


5 simples steps to throwing a simple and stress-free summer party/gathering.

Two things about me, first off I love parties, going to or throwing gatherings is really what lights me up sometimes and summer time is a perfect time to do this because the weather is nice and yes, you get my point. Second, I hate stress, and as someone who gets stressed out fairly easily, anything that involves tons of people and possible organizing problems can get anyone stressed out!

So this summer I want to share with all of you some simple ways to have a stress-free and amazing Pinterest looking party!

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1: Relax, okay it will be fine. Start by planning everything out in your head to avoid any issues, think about all the things you’ll need to get, set up, cook etc. Then write them all down and make a simple task list to keep everything on track. This is the are where people seem to panic the most and if they skip this step is when it can become a disaster because everyone is running around like a chicken with their head cut off trying to buy food, put up decorations etc.


2: If it is a really big party have a run through, honestly although it might seem stupid do it. if you are having a gathering with over 10 people and or a party that involves a lot of decorating then set it all out. I never thought this would really make a difference but it helps a lot for you to realize what might be missing, or what you might want to change up while there is still time. check things off the list and then put it away all in the same place until your party to ensure an easy setup.


3: If you want a super aesthetic Pinterest styled party ( which I mean who doesn’t ? ) then there are some super simple and very easy way to make your party/gathering looking like the queen of all parties! I love the super fancy string lights, tiny flags, cute drink cups styled events and actually, they are a lot simpler to do than you might realize. Some of the thing that I have found to really work well and look nice are lights, yes, always put lights up even old Christmas lights left over from the holidays. The clear white lights look so pretty all lit up at night, be creative and string them up in a cool new way or maybe like they do in outdoor patios for restaurants.

Have a metal painting pale or bucket? great! you can use this by filling it up with ice and placing drinks and or bottles of wine in it, much more pretty then a cooler and works just as well. If you want your table to look beautiful then garnish it with anything, olive branches, ivy, be creative and go outside and find something pretty to put around areas of the table for decorations. Platters are one of the most important things when planning an aesthetically pleasing party. I love to use white because it really goes with any style and or theme you might be having. Yet again, be creative with your food presentation and try new things. It will all look great in the end!


4: Keep to a budget, parties can be expensive if you let them be. If you keep to a reasonable budget you’ll feel happy in the end by not feeling like that party just drained your wallet. Look in the clearance section at stores, I have found some of the most adorable party decorations in the $3 section at target, little lanterns for example, and they go a long way in making our table and or house look beautiful for any party/gathering. Try the dollar store, yes we all know it is usually a tacky place to shop but sometimes they have really good finds like paper straws, which happen to be the super in and the trendy thing at the moment.. can’t beat a dollar for that!

As far as food, keeping it stress-free and on a budget is great when you do a potluck, not some low key people are bringing KFC potluck but a nice one. Provide things like salad, drinks, dessert and have other bring the rest. You can provide the platters and style the food if you want everything to look beautiful on the table. It is totally okay to make a list and share out what is needed and that way people can fill in the gaps as far as food that is needed for the party. Side note, usually fancy looking sparkling water is actually very inexpensive and very classy looking so take a peek at your local store, it can really finish off the aesthetic look.


5: Enjoy it! It is your party so why not enjoy yourself, once it is all up and running take the time to look around and smile and all the beautiful decorations and yummy food. If you are a happy host then your friends and coworkers will enjoy the party so much more, don’t worry about little things going wrong just laugh it off. Anyone knows it is a process to plan an event or gathering, but it is a rewarding one at that!