Two weeks with a carry-on bag

Two weeks in a carry on? You bet Ya!

I have never been the sort of traveler to take a checked bag or really anything that is bigger than just my regular carry-on. I think for most trips that are under a month a carry on is really all you need. Unless you need a lot of clothes or you are going skiing ( although even I have done a winter ski trip with just a carry-on ). Honestly, it is much easier flying with a smaller bag, less to deal with and makes for a much faster exit from the airport!

In this blog post I wanted to show how I pack for 2 weeks with only a carry-on suit case, some tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way that might inspire you to pack lighter or to change up your packing style.

First off, lay all your clothes out and really think about what you are taking, do you need it all? can you create multiple outfits from the clothes you have ? These are some good questions to ask yourself. You want to be able to ideally only bring 5 shirts a few pairs of pants and whatever else but have the ability to mix and match so you have many outfit styles with less bulk.


I always start with T-shirts, I think you can never have enough ( and sometimes I pack too many ) but these are easy to pack because they can roll up, you could shove them in boots or even in the tiny spots of your suit case. Being able to bring simple items helps, for example, a T-shirt that is a cute blue and white striped V neck could be used under a cool leather jacket and paired with jeans and heels for a fancier daytime look or it could be worn with sandals and shorts for a chilled beach day. The options really are endless!

Next up, still shirts.. But fancy shirts or button down ones. I love packing these and obviously if I am going out somewhere fancy or to a nice place for lunch I want to be more dressed up which is where these come in handy. Tie it up and wear a skirt for a cute summer style or wear it with a blazer and some pants for a night out, yet again these are super verstile.


Plants, Pants, Pants! Ok, I think we all pack our favorite pair of jeans and that is good, if you have a fancy dark pair and then also a lighter casual pair then pack those for sure. Shorts are great because they are a fun piece to have and they don’t take up much room or weight at all. Chunky sweatpants although super comfy they take up so much room that I find myself wishing I had just used that space for other things or just brought leggings.


I am a shoe lover, and I think most girls and women are at least to some point, which is why this is my weak spot. I tend to over pack because I was to have the perfect shoe for every outfit. Well, at that point I feel like I would need an extra case just for the shoes! My tip for this is, think comfy and stylish. You can find both in one shoe or you can also pack 2 pairs, ideally, I find myself packing a pair of cute shoes, comfy tennies that I wear on the plane and a pair for a fancy night out, which in the end all works out great!


last but not least is cosmetics and makeup.. We always dread about forgetting it or not packing something important like our razor. Yet again keep it to a minimum, I know it can be hard, if you are the type who likes to use a whole lot of makeup every day then try to combine things, make it a lighter look and more simple to deal with. Find a good cosmetic case that allows you to get all your important items in without being too baggy. I tend to just take the bare minimum on trips, which I find in the end makes it less stressful for me if I have a really early wake-up and I’m not in my house with all of my products.

I hope some of these tips helps you on your next travel adventure and packing only with a carry-on, it really can be easy it just takes some getting used to.